How Flowers Inspire Singer Rachael Sage’s Songs

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By Rachael Sage

One of the first songs I ever wrote was called ‘The Language Of Flowers”  and it describes an imaginary – perhaps? – culture among flowers in which they communicate freely and openly, appreciating each others’ beauty in ways that we as human beings so often fail to do.

For me, flowers have always represented so much and reflected life itself: freedom vs. confinement, youth vs. mortality, and above all, the opportunity to adapt and grow.

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As a young student at the School Of American Ballet, I discovered the joys of self-adornment and how the simple act of adding a delicate flower – real or faux – could elevate and inform one’s character. From the red rose pinned to my bun for Flamenco class to inspire just the right attitude, to the little pink rose petals sewn onto my classic tutu (designed by the legendary Karinska) for my child role in ‘Coppelia’…to the wondrous feeling of my own mother giving me a bouquet of beautiful roses after a ballet recital; all these floral incarnations signified uplift, vitality, and aspiration through the prism of nature’s perfection/imperfect.

I’ve always loved separating rose petals from the flower and the magic they create –  velvety and striking, when scattered on a bed, a wood floor, or floating in slow motion through the air.

My video ‘Too Many Women’ is essentially a tribute to red rose petals and how they can make us feel sensual or be plucked from a flower playing ‘he loves me/he loves me not’ until we reach some inevitable conclusion, reflective of our own desires and insecurities.

In my video for ‘Rebecca’ from my new album ‘The Other Side’, red rose petals are enlisted as the sole pre-planned design element in an otherwise entirely improvised dance film…precisely because they are universally symbolic of romantic love.

Most recently, my video for ‘Flowers For Free’ was shot in a garden…made entirely of mosaic! While there are no actual flowers present in the Philadelphia Magic Garden, the otherworldly color palette and glistening urban landscape of this magical art installation provided the perfect non-literal setting for my current single because like the most beautiful flowers, the individual elements comprising the mosaic become all the more glorious when formed into something more expansive and celebratory. It is a garden made entirely of broken dishes, bottles, and recycled bicycles. This idea challenges our notions of what is worth saving and cultivating, and what powers we have inside ourselves, to transform.

Several times a day I am asked ‘Why do you wear flowers in your hair?’ For me, it’s about self-expression and walking through the world just a little bit more colorfully – just like I did as a little girl studying ballet.

There is nothing ordinary about waking up on any given morning healthy, able to move and bend toward the sun with hope and potential; flowers remind me to be grateful for the beauty all around us and to never take life’s infinite miraculousness for granted.

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Rachael Sage is an  American singer-songwriter and visual artist. She is the founder of the indie label, MPress Records. Sage has released fourteen solo studio albums. She was named one of the Top 100 Independent Artists of the Past 15 Years by Performing Songwriter magazine