Meet Jill Brooke and the Flower Power Creative Team

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Jill Brooke Flower Power CEOFlowers are never in a rush. They bloom when they are ready. Over my lifetime, I’ve learned many life lessons from flowers.

Through the years, I’ve been a CNN correspondent, an EIC at Travel Savvy, Avenue and Show Circuit, a columnist for the New York Post, Ad Week and Metropolitan Home, as well as writing  for the New York Times, and many women’s magazines. I was also chief  content officer at First Wives World

Yet nothing has ever felt as right as this project. 

Because at this chapter of life, you want to plant seeds of possibility and share some of your hard-won wisdom with others, as well as do what you love. Whenever I’ve needed a breath of beauty or a break from the ugliness of the world, flowers have been my solace. I hope this site elicits that experience for you. 

After creating this idea, I  gathered seasoned professionals who share the same passion for flowers and respect nature’s gifts and insights to help curate this happy project. 

We hope you will be patient with us since we are just seedlings now; over time this garden will grow. But every day we will present stories inspired by flowers and floral motifs, making us the first all-floral news site.

Since we look at how flowers populate pop culture, each day will bring a different focus as well as a daily burst of positivity, beauty and wisdom.

On Mondays, especially on our Instagram, we look at decor, art and travel. Tuesdays are tips about flower arranging, gardens or using flowers in everyday life. Wellness Wednesday looks at how flowers are used in medicine, as well as the beauty industry – especially fragrances in candles and oils. Throwback Thursdays reflect on the past by presenting timeless beauty and wisdom. Friday will always be a fun fact about flowers and meeting some fab florists. Saturday is our fashion day as well as weekend fun with pets – as we share photos of beloved canines and cats with flowers. Sunday is our Floral Foodie Sunday and we introduce you to a cast of characters who inventively use flowers in their cuisine and drinks.

Join us for our curated newsletter, Instagram and website. Fun we will have. If you look at life through the prism of flowers- you will be happier. As I often say, flowers are here for a reason and teach great life lessons. We use flowers to both comfort and congratulate and to express sentiments without many words. No matter what is going on in your life – flowers are here for you.  Because flowers are a universal kiss to remind us that solace and beauty exist.

Jill can be contacted for judging, speeches and demonstrations at


Linda Lee learned gardening from her grandmother in Minnesota. The garden was filled with hollyhocks, Irish bells, day lilies, baby’s breath, snapdragons, gladioli, zinnias, marigolds, daisies, dahlia … you know, grandmother flowers.

She graduated from Columbia University and was awarded the Shubert fellowship in playwrighting at Columbia University’s School of Performing Arts. Linda was a book editor Farrar, Straus & Giroux, and an editor at The New York Times for 17 years where she edited the gardening column for the House & Home section. She contributed the Night Out and home entertaining columns for the Times’ Style section and wrote stories about travel, architecture, home design, business, film, pop music and food. She left The Times to start a home design, architecture and lifestyle magazine in Miami, Florida InsideOut. She has written for Vogue, Real Simple, Cosmo, Interior Design, Wallpaper* and Elle Décor and is the author of six books.


Nancy Molina has been carving her path as a media producer for the past five years. In 2016, after helping to run her family’s restaurant business, she joined MGE Management Experts Inc. where she worked in sales, marketing, and communications. She polished her social media prowess studying under entrepreneurial luminaries Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez.

In 2017, with two partners, she founded the social media agency SwipeDOWN, LLC in Atlanta, and later moved to New York—the mecca of media in her eyes—to make her mark in social media. Today, Nancy, who is Florida-based once again, has combined her skills and passion as the proud owner of two companies: PINMedia Group and a probiotic shop, Gravity X. Flower Power Daily is her most treasured account, and the goal is always simple: To give a lift to one person’s day.


Brian Smith is a writer and filmmaker from Chicago, IL. He is a graduate of Oberlin College and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.

Brian is an impassioned creative storyteller. He is excited to breathe new life into the phrase “stop and smell the roses” by writing on the use of floral imagery in film, television, and pop culture. Brian believes that there is nothing truly mundane in this world, that there are stories and meaning in everything. With that same spirit of creativity, Brian will curate visually stunning videos and motion graphics for Flower Power Daily’s Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He is happy to be on the Flower Power Daily team, and to help bring the world some joy through telling floriferous stories.


Sherry Dean Curreri is an avid gardener, journalist, photographer, artist and the author of the children’s book Poor Little Puppy, an uplifting tale about a rescue dog.

A longtime CNN Entertainment News Reporter alongside Flower Power Daily creator Jill Brooke, Sherry also produced for E! News and WPIX-TV in New York. Currently living in Marina del Rey, CA, Sherry is astounded by the vast variety of flowers and exotic plants she encounters throughout Southern California, and is thrilled to be sharing nature’s beauty through the photos being published on Flower Power Daily.


Parsons lives in Magnolia, Texas and is our production artist. She has been an artist her whole life, enthralled with the beauty in creation. As a little girl she had an affinity for nature and flowers. She remembers sitting in the grass, picking roses, and eating the petals.

Tere is a graphic designer, photographer, art teacher, design consultant, and illustrator.

She also does digital photo correction and restoration. College studies were in advanced fine arts and education and advanced fundamentals of design. Additional work includes botanical, floral, product, fashion, and children’s book illustrations. Her company, Tere, started in 1980.