RIP Tony Bennett – Lover of Pink Roses and Flower Songs

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National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian

RIP Tony Bennett who loves singing, painting and pink roses.

In fact, he painted a portrait of Duke Ellington that he donated to the National Gallery at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

The painting depicts Ellington with a bouquet of pink roses in the background. Bennett chose this motif to celebrate Ellington’s habit of sending the singer a dozen pink roses whenever Ellington composed a new song.

Bennett, who died at age 96, was a legendary figure in jazz, pop standards, show tunes, and big band music.

But he also loved singing about roses including “Days of Wine and Roses” and “La Vie en Rose.”

In his song, “House of Flowers,” the lyrics are, “My house is made of flowers. The warm winds carpet the floor. Whenever there are spring showers. I open up the rainbow door.”

Tony Bennett

Bennett always said that flowers inspired him. Not only did he love painting pink roses, but also all flowers. As he once said, “I could walk in my garden forever.”