What Pink Flower Would Barbie Choose?

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By Jill Brooke

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” movie is already dominating pop culture trends in fashion and design. But what about flowers?

Luckily the color pink is also popular in flower design.

“We will all be hot for pink this season inspired by Barbie,” says Rachel Cho of New York’s Rachel Cho Floral. “Muted will be out and hot bright pink will be in. I can see pinks in all bright shades, color-blocked pinkness, or in ombré.”

Rachel Cho Floral

Here are some other examples of how pink flowers can be used in flower arrangements from Larry Walshe, Blue Jasmine Floral and the Bridgehampton Florist.  Furthermore, we are asking our flower lovers which flower would Barbie love best. So please visit our Instagram to cast your vote.

Larry Walshe
Blue Jasmine Floral

But in terms of fashion, as the Washington Post’s Rachel Tashjian wrote, this film has an outsized influence on trends.

“For more than a year now, pink clothes have dominated the runways in Paris, and #barbiecore has infiltrated our social media feeds — and our closets,” she observes. “The promotion around “Barbie” has inspired multiple collaborations with every kind of brand, from the Parisian couture house Balmain to the machine-washable rug upstart Ruggable, suggesting that the Greta Gerwig-directed movie is less about whether a blockbuster can be made with artistic credibility and more about how lengthy and convincing a marketing campaign can be. How far can a movie go in enticing us to adapt more pink, more play, more Barbie?”

It’s even inspiring underwear as well as dresses. Here Jennifer Lopez wears pink-infused lingerie from intimissimiofficial. 

Florists say the color now is “of the moment” and plan on capitalizing on it. But Barbie has also benefited from Pantone naming magenta pink the color of the year. Combined, these splashes of press help elevate the trend. Fortunately, there are pinks in tulips, peonies, roses, hellebores, calla brachia flowers and so many others.  So definitely include it in your flower arrangements all summer.

The Bridgehampton Florist


Newport Flower Show