Did Rose Color Influence Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Color 2024

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By Jill Brooke

Photo Credit: Rosaprima Roses

Do you call this serendipity or coincidence that the Sherwin-Williams color trend 2024 is like the hottest-selling roses?

As I’ve reported,  taupe sandy colors have been trending big time in roses – especially for Rosaprima Roses RPMoab and Alexandra Farms’ Quicksand. Now Sherwin-Williams paint company announced that Sashay Sand will be a color trend for 2024!!

Sherwin Williams describes this color as having soft blush, sweet purples and warm crimson and sparked by the popularity of natural clay and baked pigments. “This palette leans muted yet expressive.”

Beige and taupe roses are “selling like crazy,” according to Jeff Leatham, a florist whose clients include Oprah Winfrey and the Kardashians.

How hyped up are they? Leatham, who’s also the artistic director of the Four Seasons hotels in Beverly Hills, Paris and Philadelphia, used this color palette for the cover of his book, The Art of the Flower, published in June. “Especially for weddings and for the home, neutral vibes are so popular,” he says.

“These tones add warmth to modern design,” says Lisa Fayne Cohen, the founder of Galerie magazine. There’s versatility in their simplicity; they can seem sophisticated or lend a casual, Bohemian vibe to a room.

The khaki-colored palette also blends splendidly with white roses in summer, as well as with darker colors come fall, so expect to see beige bouquets at marriage ceremonies in the near future: A Knot study found that 65% of couples marrying this year will do so in the summer and fall.

These roses blend into any season making them popular not only for events but for decor.

 Eva Monheim, author of  “Shrubs & Hedges: Discover, Grow and Care for the World’s Most Popular Plants,” shares how in the past, paint companies like Pantone would “call us asking what are the popular trending colors in flowers.” “Plants and flowers often influence trends,” she says.

The roses are in such demand that growers are working feverishly to produce the quantities needed. Anticipating the growing popularity of this color wave. Joey Azout, president of Alexandra Farms, which produces David Austin roses among other brands, says “sales of sand, toffee, and nude color roses now make up 30% of the color assortment.” Rosaprima Roses, which introduced RP Moab last year, says the company planted 20,000 plants and now will increase that production to 150,000 because of demand.

Real life is not only pink Barbie-toned. In fact, these toffee and taupe tones with hints of lavender and clay colors are here to stay.

Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of Flower Power Daily and a columnist for Florists’ Review magazine.

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