The Great Floral Moments From 2018 Celebrity Weddings

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By Jill Brooke

Why do we love looking at celebrity weddings? Because they have the type of budgets we dream about as well as a team of professionals offering a potpourri of possibilities.

Looking at last year’s crop, there were some highlights besides the beautifully executed showstopper of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Wedding

How can you not appreciate Princess Eugenie – Harry’s cousin – requesting her dress plunged down her back to reveal her childhood scoliosis scar, since our scars do define us and make us strong. The dress  will be part of the upcoming exhibition, “A Royal Wedding: HRH Princess Eugenie and Mr. Jack Brooksbank.”

HRH Princess Eugenie Jack Brooksbank Wedding

While that was her, “This is Us” star Mandy Moore decided to wear pink to her bo-ho backyard wedding. That was a fresh alternative worth copying. Especially for those who are marrying for the second time and are wary of wearing white. Her bouquet was also seamlessly in the same shades of her dress making it soft and feminine – but interesting too.

A canopy of pink flowers was weaved into arches, great for photo ops. The pale draping flowers matched her dress and also were contrasted with verdant pine-green leaves, preventing the risk of being, as my great aunt would say, “too much.” That seems to be a big trend in the future. Your photo op background is a narrowed canopy arch of buoyant flowers.

(Why didn’t I think of that 20 years ago?)

Miley Cyrus married her longtime sweetheart Liam Hemsworth. I like this shot of the singer with her parents engulfed in flowers, which were a bit Goth but gorge. Her parents must be relieved she’s marrying someone also close to his family – and hers.

Felicity Jones Mandy Moore Wedding Flowers

Both Mandy Moore and Felicity Jones opted for high neck dresses. Felicity’s was by Erdem, another of those “prairie” dresses when there is no prairie to be seen. She was, after all, being married at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire.

Mandy’s was fresh and fun but Felicity’s, all buttoned up in the back, kind of screamed, “I will have sex with you this night, and this night only.” It felt it was a bit too prim and prissy, while

Mandy’s dress was truly a breath of sweet air.

Clever Goop CEO Gwyneth Paltrow looked so happy in her white floral dress. That woman is so gorgeous and thin and looks great in everything. But here’s a little secret. I think that smile was beaming for a reason. I knew her father, Bruce, who was a wonderful guy. Although by any standard, her ex-husband, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, is quite the catch, producer Brad Falchuk may have had an advantage.

Look closely. Brad Falchuk looks just like Gwyneth’s beloved father! That’s my Amateur Hour theory.ither of them but that thought has crossed my mind.

Model Chanel Iman looked luscious and lovely in that feminine lace dress. But tell me, how do your boobs stay inside if you want to dance?  Or what if someone pokes you on the shoulder to say congrats and you twist too quickly?  A cup could be running over. Maybe part of your boob is scotched taped on, but still, that’s a serious type of cool to pull that off, as she did.

Model Chanel Iman Wedding Flowers

When you are a star,  you can also have more than one costume for the evening. Imagine that –  having the opportunity on such a special night to have two exquisitely beautiful outfits.

Kaley Cuoco looked adorable in this white lace catsuit that she put on after her wedding. Maybe the “Big Bang” actress – who is so talented and hits her lines with such comic precision- will, in her fun-loving spirited way, inspire a trend for similar attire. Jumpsuits in dark colors tend to convey a dominatrix theme but white lace like Kaley wore was spunky and chic.

Kaley Cuoco Flowers On Floor Wedding

Last but not least, if you are thinking about costume changes, oh my gosh. Can anything top Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones wedding?  The pictures of her draped in a red and gold lehenga glistening against a wall of flowers and color makes you gasp at the wedding’s opulence and cultural cool. Then there was the U.S. version, where the bride wore classic Ralph Lauren.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones

It makes you look forward to the creativity awaiting us this year, which may include Nick Jonas’ brother Joe marrying “Games of Thrones” star Sophie Turner.

You can be sure they don’t’ want a red wedding and the bride likely will wear white.