White House Rose Garden Needs Repairs

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The newly renovated White House Rose Garden that was completed on August 22nd has some thorny issues.

Less than three weeks after its official unveiling, the garden is experiencing what CNN reports as “issues with water drainage” and other “complications with updated construction.”

Among the problems are irrigation issues as well as new sod having to be laid down.

First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the new Rose Garden prior to the Republican Convention after three weeks of renovation.

Other reports –  including TMZ – say the cost for the repairs will be $80,000.

According to ABC News, the Rose Garden was being re-sodded “following damage to the greenery after the Republican National Convention was held there two weeks ago.”

“The sod is being replaced at no cost to taxpayers,” deputy press secretary Judd Deere said. “Additionally, there have been other planned infrastructure work taking place on the south grounds.”

A gardening design expert told Flower Power Daily that August is a “horrific climate for planting.”

“Drainage was an issue that the renovation was supposed to address but didn’t actually happen to their plans which puzzles,” he says. “This garden took three weeks to do and it really needed at least six weeks given the issues. The sod didn’t stand a chance.”

The White House didn’t reveal when the changes would be completed.


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