Alexandra Farms Names Winners of Amateur Photo Contest

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For our DIY  segment, we are saluting the talented people who submitted pictures for Alexandra Farms’ 3rd Garden Rose Design Contest.

Entries were received between May and June 28th and now the winners have been chosen.

The winners were selected by a public online vote.

Drumroll please.

The winners were:

Third Place:

Charlie Groppetti. He used Romantic roses. The photographer was Brandy Howard.

Second Place:

Designer Katherine Taylor. Her garden variety choices were Juliet, Darcey, Romantic, Antike, Precious Moments and Princess Charlene of Monaco – which were also seen at the Philadelphia Flower Show’s exhibit that celebrated Princess Grace. The photographer was Lacey McLaughlin.

First Place:

Designer Nicole Braghin. She used Juliet Ausjameson and Keira Ausboxer roses. She had photographer Freire Photography take the picture.

First place prize is an all-expense trip for two to Bogota Columbia to visit Alexandra Farms, one of the world’s premier growers of amazing roses. The second place gets 500 garden roses and third place is 250 roses.

However, we also want to showcase some of the runner ups because beauty is subjective. And these other photographers did a fab job too. ‘

This one of a horse is by Amanda Coghill from Amanda’s Creative Florist in England.

This lovely display that slightly tilts to make a statement was created by Aniska Vivas from Miami, Florida.

Last but not least, we like the creativity of Brian Coovert from Columbus, Ohio. He interpreted the roses as a sculpture which is an art form that is often seen at flower shows like the Chelsea Flower Show and Philadelphia Show. It was subtle but interesting.

Seeing these flowers used in inventive ways is such a pleasure for the eye and soul.

This bridal bouquet was done by Devin Brown from Lynn, Massachusetts. Love how she used the ferns and also the raspberry garnet-like roses.

We will share other photography contests with you in the future. But always look at how others take pictures and you can do the same.

We always say life is living art if you engage with flowers. Their beauty both stimulates and soothes.