Try Photography as a Lifelong Hobby: Stan Griep’s Story

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By Jill Brooke

Through the Rose Society of America, we got to meet avid rosarian Stan Griep who has spent decades taking pictures of flowers.

Although he describes himself as a passionate amateur photographer, he has won the American Rose Society’s top photography trophy twice for his work capturing flowers in the Rocky Mountain District.

He has also won the “People’s Choice” awards at other floral photography shows.

What does he hope to achieve from all his photos—some which are also included in ebooks at

“I hope people learn to take the time to stop and behold their world,” says Griep, who was in the construction profession. “Not to be corny but there is much to be gained from taking a moment to ‘stop and smell the roses.’ When this world hands you turmoil and enough stress to topple the biggest of structures, stop and take in some beauty wherever you can find it. You need that lift—your spirit needs that gift and it all sits patiently waiting for you to just notice it.”

His one encouraging tip for amateurs is to seek out natural lighting and be patient.

Wait, he advises, until that moment “when you get the right angle kissed by the right lighting.” That is where the magic is.

Also, seek out fields of flowers because there is a larger canvas to work with.

“They have a special attraction with their vivid colors making meadows and wildflower gardens glow,” he says. “If you have ever been driving in the mountains or foothills and come upon a field of wildflowers, you know what I mean and the feeling that comes with that sight is truly special.”

Life, as we know, is lived in chapters. His story reminds us how hobbies give us emotional riches as well as purpose. Furthermore, learning about flowers and photographing them also ensures one can be a lifelong student as well.

Here are Griep’s six favorite rose shots.

stan griep

1. Honey Bouquet


sexy rexy stan griep

2. Sexy Rexy

Notice how Griep used a white felt background fabric. (This was a First Place-winning photo.)

Stans Roses of 2012_July

3. Veterans Honor

A shot of an open bloom and partially open bloom on my Veterans Honor rosebush with black felt and satin fabric background

Stans Roses of 2012_July

4. Chicago Peace with a swirl technique applied in editing that he titled “Wind Swept.” This shot has received numerous awards.

Stans Floral Photography Of 2014

5. A shot of three blooms and bud on my Betty Boop rosebush with the black felt background fabric.

6. A shot of blooms, buds and foliage of my Mary Rose rosebush using the black felt background fabric, I made a cubed or box shot of it too with the photo editing software.

Stans Rose & Floral Photography Of 2014

7. Distant Drums rosebush using the black felt background material. (King of Show Photography Award Winner.)

As he discovered, and you can too, hobbies not only give you emotional riches but provide opportunities for learning and meeting new friends.