State Flower Project Celebrates How We Share Similar Roots


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This is all part of our desire to celebrate state pride while remembering we ALL share the same roots.” ~ Jill

State Flower Project

By looking at all our state flowers, we clearly like multi-COLORISM.
Look at the states that share a link with the color PINK –

Go Wisconsin!!!!
You and these states like PURPLE –

In fact, public school students chose the state flowers for West Virginia and Tennessee – but then Tennessee’s flower was changed to the Iris in 1939 when garden clubs lobbied the state.

Like clouds in the sky, these states delight in blooms of WHITE –

These states’ flowers draw colors from the SUN –

Alaska and Texas –

But here’s what’s really interesting: Most of the time when we see maps of the nation on TV shows,
Alaska and Texas are red states – but guess what? Their state flower is blue – the forget-me-not and bluebonnet.

And New York? One of the bluest states has a red flower. As does…
Ohio, Oklahoma, Vermont, Wyoming; In fact, our nation’s flower is the red rose –

Former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson’s Message of Hope Through
The Beauty of Flowers Still Resonates

As former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson once said, “When flowers bloom – so does hope.”

In the 1960s, when her husband LBJ was president, she decided to transform our nation’s highways by planting flowers along the highway.

So in the spirit of Lady Bird…and in an attempt to bring the country together a little more, will you share some pictures of your favorite state flowers or local gardens with us?

We can create a beautiful collage of possibility and get to know each other better.

I look forward to seeing and sharing your images of your state flowers and favorite local gardens as part of our State Flower Project. Long may they flower and bloom. ~ Jill