RIP Prince Philip- Honor Him with Planting This Clematis

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By Jill Brooke

It’s such sad news that Prince Philip has died at 99, but what a long eventful life he had.

In fact, this purple clematis was named after the husband of Queen Elizabeth which is why I’m sharing it with you.  It still is a popular breed and purple is the color of royalty.

As is our human custom, flowers are the way to express emotions that words often can not and the British public is leaving bundles of flowers at Buckingham Palace. Flowers help connect us as a family and as a community.

Oh and the Prince Philip clematis is a keeper. Turns out it was created in 1977 and is an American hybrid named after the British prince. The sepals are strongly textured with wavy edges.

Many farms sell this special clematis. The plants are purple-blue with pinkish-red central bars. In the center, light brown anthers rise on white filaments.

Must be so sad for the Queen to lose her rock and longtime husband who she married in 1947. In fact, they often enjoyed being in their gardens together. Imagine all the flowers that will be sent to her from around the world in comfort and respect.

The funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh will be held at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, “in line with custom and with His Royal Highness’s wishes,” the College of Arms said in a statement.