Mother’s Day Bouquets to Swoon Over

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“Mothers are the flowers in the garden of life.”

This quote by Thomas Fuller sums up how we feel and why we are starting this series called  “Mother’s Day Flowers to Swoon Over.”

So let us give you a visual treat of some of the artists we have curated for your visual pleasures. We have combed the globe looking for the best selections from florists we admire and love. 



The Flower Diva describe themselves as a fun funky little flower shop historic Pineville, North Carolina. This team has  a cult following. Carrie, who is the Head Diva and owner, truly has a gift.

Her flair for color is so unique and special which isn’t surprising considering she studied art therapy.  Her flowers are indeed therapy for the soul. Vibrant colorful, fun and funky as well as gathered in very sophisticated designs. Unlike many, she is also doing customized flowers for any Mother’s Day bouquets. Check her out. She’s a treat.

Joe Rotolo’s work always makes us smile.

Because it’s truly unique.

He is like the Wes Anderson of flowers and always surprises in unexpected but charming ways.

Rotolo’s knowledge of flowers is vast.  He owned the Bedford Hills Nursery since 1993 and in 2018 finally ventured out to create a floral shop – Floral Petals of Westchester – since so many loved his floral designs. He understands flowers from their roots.

The top arrangement has cymbidium orchids in front of Dutch hydrangea along with hellebores and the lavender flower that says, “Don’t forget me” is a scabiosa. We also included another arrangement for additional visual treats since we are besotted by the fans used in this display. He is also a believer that you don’t always need a traditional vase but can venture out into interesting shapes such as rectangles for floral displays. Look at the roses and protea and of course the ranunculus.

Ta Da.  How can you not swoon over this arrangement from Jennifer Designs Events by Jennifer Reed Oechsie, whose store serves New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Her bouquets are graceful and lyrical as well.

Like most florists, Jennifer is delivering curbside and her selections are available on-line.  “Thankfully this is a perfect time for many beautiful farm flowers like ranunculus, tulips, anemones and lilacs.,” she says. “I also think there will be more business collaborations, for instance bakeries + flowers, gift shops + flowers… basically small business supporting one another.”  Another trend she is seeing is that there will be lower minimums since people are aware that people want to be thoughtful within a new budget.

Theresa Colucci runs Meadowscents in New Paltz, New York. Her creativity is seen in many shows around the country including Fleurs de Ville. Although she normally customizes flowers for walk-in clients, this year she is offering on-line selections. Instead of 40 selections, this year she has 20 but they are all with her signature flair and love of flora. In fact, instead of a staff of 10, she and her daughter are creating the bouquets which is part of the spirit of Mother’s Day.

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”

This luscious bouquet is from The Bridgehampton Florists. Michael Grim and James Osburn are veteran pros and floral champions who bring beauty and style to discerning clients at the Hamptons in New York. Not only did they win Flower Power Daily’s first prize at the Hampton Classic floral display awards, but we know many of their clients who rave about their work.  Because of floral supply chain interruptions, they have been advising clients to be open-minded about selections and trust their tastes. In fact, one male client who was adamant about only having white flowers learned he also liked pink shades like these pillowy peonies.  During Covid-19, many men have been enjoying bouquets in their homes for calm and beauty. At least those who didn’t have mothers like George Washington to share gardening treats.

“A mother is like a garden. Her children are her seeds. And as they grow, she tends to them fulfilling all their needs. Wherever there is beauty, a mother’s love is there.”

We love that quote from Amanda Bradley.

This selection is from Wellington Florists.

This Florida shop is family-owned and consistently rated the top-florist in the area.  Since this is horse-country, there are lots of events and Wellington Florists delivers both style and quality blooms.

We loved how these bouquets remind you of garden visits and memories forged with flowers.

Also summoning a garden feel are these gorgeous flowers from Linda Devita at Floral Creations by Enzo in Costa Mesa, California.  We love the light roses and hydrangeas mixed with pale pink tulips that will bloom during the week.

We will be continuing to update as series proceeds.

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