Orange Blossom Is Secret Ingredient In Aerin Lauder’s New Perfume

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Perfume is personal. Certain scents make us swoon; others not so much.

For me, I not only swoon but sigh in delight for Aerin’s Lilac Patch perfume. I buy bottles of it.  If I’m feeling blue, I spray some of it on my body and it lifts my spirits.

Aerin Lauder Orange Blossom Fragrance

When your grandmother was Estée Lauder, who introduced Youth Dew in the 1950’s, it makes sense you may want to launch your own perfume and lifestyle line.  Aerin’s perfumes have exquisite flower scents with the finest of ingredients.  “Flowers make you smile, make your senses come alive,’’ says Lauder.

Aerin Lauder Smelling Orange Blossoms

Thanks to her upbringing, she also had a front row seat to not only gather the best ingredients from around the globe but a perspective of what scents captivate different cultures.

The mother of two sons, Aerin grew up in New York but often spent weekends visiting her grandmother’s estates on Long Island and in Palm Beach. Summers would find the family in St. Tropez. “For two years, I lived in Vienna when my father was US ambassador in Austria,” she says. Her uncle, Leonard Lauder, headed the Estée Lauder group of companies, while her father worked there for 20 years and then pursued an interest in art and international affairs. He worked in the Defense Department, then Reagan appointed him to the ambassadorship. Vienna definitely inspired Aerin’s joie de vivre, as well as her father’s interest in Viennese art. (He later founded the Neue Gallery in New York.)

A Beautiful Fragrant Orange Blossom

Aerin also worked at her family business – first in marketing at the Prescriptives brand – then as creative director overseeing all brands. After finding an unfinished Private Collection blend that had been hidden in a vault by Estée for 20 years, Aerin Lauder decided to start her own brand in 2007.

Aegea Blossom and Hibiscus Palm are now both new additions to a brand that understands floral scents and femininity. While Aegea “captures the sparkling vibrancy of coastal paradise and a cool breeze on the open water,” along with that orange blossom flowers, Hibiscus has notes of magnolia.”

Her brand releases two new scents a year. This woman and her family stand for quality and they understand what people want. I can’t wait to add Aegea Blossom to my collection of Aerin perfumes and candles. – Jill Brooke