15 Fresh Floral Scents To Soothe Any Stressed Out Mom

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Motherhood is a golden thread in the tapestry of every woman’s life. It is a milestone marked by overwhelming joy and intense feelings of love that connects both the parents to each other and this helpless infant whose needs demand constant care and attention. 

Therein, lies a major source of a new mom’s stress and pressure, for no one, not even Mother Theresa, can be absolutely everything to one little baby every single second of every day. 

Fortunately, it is the balance of stress and joy (or put another way, focusing on the pros rather than the cons) that make your new motherhood worth the frustration and sometimes overwhelming aggravation that is certain to occur at some point.

Mother and Baby Resting Soothing Scents

One sure-fire way you can focus on the joy and soothe your stress is to totally embrace your children and bask in their growth. Another is to somehow make time for a little ‘mommy care’ by indulging in sensory delights, such as bubble baths, saunas or a few splashes of a favored ambient fragrance.

According to Roger Howell, once Vice President of the American Society of Perfumers and current master perfumer at Alpha Aromatics, a leading perfume manufacturing and scent designing company, “fragrances and essential oils have the uncanny ability to tap into memories and trigger feelings. Our sense of smell triggers more vivid emotional memories, particularly those relating to childhood, more than all of our other senses combined. And while there are inconsistencies of findings as to the effectiveness of aromatherapy, researchers do believe that some studies have indicated it does work in some instances.”

In fact, a recent study concerning midwives found that when essential oils (particularly rose, lavender, and frankincense) were used during delivery, pregnant women experienced less fear and anxiety, had a stronger sense of well being, and had less need for pain medications. Many women also reported that peppermint oil relieved nausea and vomiting during labor.”

New mothers are not always prepared to experience a let down when their romantic and cultural expectations of motherhood are dashed by an infant that will not stop crying for more than a second. Frustration swells when all you ache for is to take a shower, read a book, watch the news or just lie back somewhere quiet for a few minutes and surround yourself with a luxurious, soothing therapeutic aroma. 

Aromatherapy Soaps For Soothing

You can equip your bathroom with scented soaps, satiny lotions and favorite scents. Invest in a swing or baby tender so that junior always stays in your view as you indulge in exotic bath oils and soothing aromas that will on a magical carpet ride to far away, redolent places and soothe your tired spirit.

The following are a selection of fragrances from the chief perfumers and chemists at Alpha Aromatics, which were built to provide a blended harmony of soothing top, heart, and base and perhaps grant you a new perspective on the importance of balance and being kind to yourself at this critical milestone in your life.

1. Wild Thyme And Watercress

Conjuring images of sultry tropical evenings by tranquil sleepy lagoons that are far away from diapers, feeding time and incessant crying, this scent opens with a top note of sharp and spicy, floral bergamot. A seductive and sweetheart note follows comprised of delicate white bud leaf, sweet, rich jasmine petal, intoxicating gardenia, aromatic violet, and strong, herbaceous thyme. The scent completes with a base note of woodsy, aromatic and sweet white musk.

2. Aloe Blossom And Clover

A light, bright and refreshing top note of citrus and herbs alleviates stress, alters mood and promotes a new, can-do attitude for the stressed new mom. A romantic, green floral heart note follows comprised of sweetly rich and seductive night-blooming jasmine, fresh, slightly pungent coriander, after-the-rain, dewy aloe and bright green clover. The scent completes with a slightly woody, musky base note.

3. Spring Water Lily

Warm and tropical, this soft, soothing summer scent opens with a sparkling top note of fresh morning dew that promises a new day of energy and direction for a new mom. A bouquet of heart notes follows, consisting of delicately floral jasmine, fresh and sweet lily-of-the-valley, earthy star anise and creamy shea flower. The fragrance completes with a woody, ambery, musky sandalwood and rich, velvety vanilla musk base note.

4. Acai Berry And Muguet

Top notes of tangy blood orange, fresh and juicy pineapple and succulent, luscious acai berry are potent aromas that speak a fragrant language of tranquility to the new mother in need of a little peace and quiet on a day when there’s none. The middle note comprised of exotic jasmine, sweet rose, creamy gardenia and fresh, sweet, waxy and floral muguet (lily-of-the-valley) may help turn thoughts away from cribs and diapers to romance. They blend exquisitely into a subtle green, warm, woody and sensual base note of white musk.

Soothing Fragrance For Mothers

5. Lavender Blossom Honeysuckle

Opening with a top note of bright, zesty citron, this herbaceous, floral scent embraces a middle note marked by wild and sweet honeysuckle, romantic rose and fresh and sugary lavender blossom. Creating a sensory release for a new tired mom seeking some respite from an exhausting routine, a subtle woody base note completes the fragrance and a few whiffs lead to an olfactory paradise.

6. Wild Honey Lotus

This sweet floral scent releases tension and calms the nerves of a new mom that are frayed by anxiety and lack of sleep. The top note is tinged with juicy orange and tangy red berry. A heart note of lemony geranium, wild, sweet honeysuckle, sugary rose and intoxicating and haunting blue lotus blends into the base note, which is a blend of warm, soothing honey nectar, rich sandalwood and spicy, woody clove.

7. Flowering Lotus And Watercress

Inspiring new perspectives, hopes and attitudes, senses come alive with this green floral scent that opens with an uplifting top note of invigorating lemon and clean, complex and refreshing bergamot. The middle note is a sensory mélange of haunting lotus blossom, exotic white tea bud and rich, peppery watercress. A base note of warm, woody sandalwood and a touch of herbal thyme finish the essence.

Floral Scents To Soothe A Mother's Soul

8. Island Blossom Guava

This soothing tropical floral citrus blend is an olfactory delight; a sensory passport to a few hours of serenity. It opens with a top note of dry, aromatic citron, fresh, fruity casaba melon and clean, bright guava, and blends sweetly into a heart note of sugary passion flower, exotic jasmine and fresh, sweet orange. The scent finishes with a subtle, soothing sandalwood base note.

Rose Essential Oil

9. Rose Petal Lychee

This bright rosy-berry fragrance is escapist in nature, for its very name conjures images of oriental landscapes far away from a new mom’s staggering responsibilities. It opens with a top note of fresh raspberries, invigorating grapefruit and delicately juicy and mild lychee. A middle note of earthy, herbal geranium, savory, aromatic and peppery sage, metallic, green violet leaf and sweet rose blend to finish this scent with a woody, and cooling spearmint leaf base note.

10. Coconut Lemongrass

Alluring oriental shores beckon and transport the new mom far away from cribs, diapers and breastfeeding schedules with this lemongrass/coconut blended fragrance. Top notes of spicy bergamot, lemony litsea cubeba and sweet coconut merge with a crisp, green lemongrass and somewhat bitter neroli heart note. This enchanting fragrance finishes with a sweet nectar, creamy vanilla and subtle pine base-note.

Lily Flower Blossom on Beach

11. South Beach

In addition to the wonderful sensations of the fragrance, which takes you on a sensual journey into the silence and comfort of the eternal ocean, why not add a little more excitement to your life? Fair go app download and plunge into the world of gambling, where exciting games and winning opportunities are waiting for you. The stress-relieving fragrance begins with a marine note with spicy bergamot and fruity casaba melon. A heart note of sweet jasmine and clear, soft water lily flow into amber, musk, sandalwood and sun-dried driftwood.

12. Stolen Moments

This moniker really describes the lifestyle of an over-worked and sleep-deprived new mom. Indeed, it must feel as if time for oneself must literally be stolen from a rigorous agenda that never seems to end. Help is on the way with this relaxing fragrance that opens with top-notes of playful, peppery mandarin, sweet and succulent pineapple, velvety peach and fresh juicy, green apple, followed by an herbal/floral heart of sharp, green eucalyptus, strong, sweet lavender, lily rose and earthy, herbal geranium. The scent finishes with a green fir needle and sensual musk base-note.

Lady Girl Basking in Flowers

13. Peaceful and Uplifting Utopia

This fragrance provides a happy peaceful zone for new moms, and it opens with a top note composed of spicy bergamot, tart grapefruit, fresh, citrusy and clean lime and sugary wild berries. The middle note is a blend of sweet jasmine, musty, green cyclamen, crisp lemongrass and earthy star anise. The fragrance finishes with a woody and sensual sandalwood and patchouli base-note.

14. Burnt Cappuccino

Few things invigorate the senses like freshly brewed coffee. A new morning with both the real thing and this fragrance is certain to lift the spirits and energy levels of any new mom. At any time of day, however, this scent truly hits the spot. It opens with a pronounced roasted coffee bean top note and is followed by a middle note tinged with spicy, aromatic maple. A creamy, sugary-sweet base-note finishes the fragrance.

Rich Jasmine Petal Fragrance

15. White Tea And Fig

This is a subtle fragrance that induces relaxation, which is a commodity that is rarely (if ever) found in new moms. The scent opens with a top note of citrus sparkle that blends effortlessly into a soft floral rose, sweet, rich jasmine petal and exotic white tea bud middle note. The scent finishes with a woody base note marked by aromatic and sensual white musk.

So new moms, listen up. Be kind to yourselves and find some time to take care of “mommy.” You can’t take care of baby without concern for your baby’s mother. It’s not selfish. You deserve it.

Try some of these intoxicating scents today!