Lady Gaga’s “La Vie En Rose” Also Inspired New Rose Tattoo

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Over the centuries, artists have been inspired by the rich symbolism of flowers. A single flower can evoke stories of courtship, marriage, hardship, remorse, happiness or joy. In an artist’s hands, flowers are reliable metaphors to infuse a song with personal, cultural or religious significance. We will share some of our favorites where lyrics about flowers are scattered throughout memorable songs.

Lady Gaga is likely to win an Oscar this Sunday Although “Shallow,” her song she sang with co-star Bradley Cooper, is the one nominated, we also really like “La Vie En Rose.” In fact, although she just broke off her engagement, she did celebrate her independence and belief in love on Valentine’s Day.  On Instagram, she shared she got a new tattoo of a solo rose, inspired by this song, “La Vie En Rose” from the popular “A Star Is Born’ soundtrack.

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