Old Cars Repurposed with Floral Art Displays

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By Jill Brooke

This week in history books is when the Ford Motor Company shipped its first automobile in 1903.

Quite the accomplishment which paved the way for innovation and scientific advancement aside from the freedom for people to travel easily and visit new cities and flower fields.

Few of these old cars are in existence but there are certainly vintage weathered cars that evoke the past. Instead of being put on a scrap heap, some people have decided to create floral sculptures out of them.

Turns out that these cars are often the most amazing large canvases to create flower artistry. 

“Everyone loves cars and what they represent,” explains florist Jennifer Reed Oechsie of Jennifer Designs.

In fact, Oechsie designed a peace-themed flower truck for the  2019 Philadelphia Flower Show that became a must stop for visitors to take pictures.

“It makes a statement,” she said, noting that as a result of her peace truck, other companies like Bubbles & Brew have asked her to replicate the concept.

We’ve also noticed how Subaru sponsors this concept at flower shows and elsewhere.

On country roads, it is also such a pleasant sight to see trucks filled with flowers  – rambling tulips, moon-faced dahlias, expressive zinnias – all gathered for sale at makeshift stands. Somehow peeking from the trucks, it feels more authentic as though it’s farm to table ease.

Our producer Nancy Molina has gathered some pictures for you to enjoy both flowers and to think about American ingenuity.

As we say at FlowerPowerDaily- one must petal on and find the joys everywhere.

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