7 Guy Tips for Buying Flowers and Scoring Big

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By Jill Brooke

Dapper and debonair,  Richard Kirshenbaum has a knack for hitting the right note when it comes to romance and flowers as well as corporate gifts to friends and colleagues.

Voted one of the 25 most stylish New Yorker’s by Us Magazine, we asked the CEO of NSG/SWAT who also pioneered such innovative concepts as the pop-up store, sidewalk advertising, and other forms of high-visibility guerrilla marketing at his previous company, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, what men can do to use flowers to their advantage.

Here are his suggestions.

Seven Guy Tips for Buying Flowers and Scoring Big 

1) Don’t Only Depend on an Assistant to Choose For You 

Do your own investigative work and find a florist that reflects your style – not someone else’s. This way you have an idea of what something looks like when it is received. In fact, find one or two florists in different price points and styles.

Invest the time to find the ones you like and then you can always use them – which saves time. I personally like Ovando flowers for their creativity as well as Bridgehampton Florists. It’s also fun to check out different florists since looking at flowers is another way to connect to nature. And it’s a lot more comfortable walking into a florist shop than a lingerie store.

2) Expand Your Choices Beyond Red Roses

Although I wrote a book about the beauty industry called “Rouge,” there are many different flowers that can be special – and also don’t send the wrong signal. My wife Dana doesn’t like red roses. But she loves white flowers so I will send her orchids or arrangements with white hydrangeas, roses and ranunculus.  For most people, red roes are code for passion and romantic interest. Mixtures are always a good bet if it’s not a romantic gesture and then include different colored roses.

3) Learn Color Codes

Does the person like simplicity or uses lots of color in their clothing and decor? Think about color blocking. Some people like an English garden mix or prefer one color arrangements like all purple or all white. Yellow and orange are great color choices for friendship and pink flowers for showing interest. My go-to often is orchids because they last a long time. Black calla lilies are very masculine and compliment many arrangements especially paired with dark red roses or orchids. 

4) Size Matters

Big is not always better. If you are giving to a corporate client, a smaller arrangement is easier to enjoy on a desk. Bigger arrangements are great for the home. Ovando once created a floating orchid in a glass that made a great impact. Also, men think we are supposed to buy red roses – especially on Valentine’s Day. But if you are on a budget, one single long stem rose with a small box of candy can also do the trick. This is also a good solution if you need to get gifts for more than one romantic partner if you aren’t married. 

5)  Consider the Occasion

If you are invited to an event, such as an important dinner party, think of sending an arrangement before guests arrive. This immediately gets a good response upon your arrival from the host or hostess. If a client or friend is about to have a special milestone – or finishing an important project – a good luck bouquet is often memorable and unexpected. Furthermore, studies show that men appreciate getting flowers – just choose darker shades. My wife will send them to me sometimes and I really appreciate it. 

6) Know the Language of Flowers

We suck sometimes at saying sorry. Flowers really help. Early on in my courtship with my wife, I bought her earrings as a gift. She actually thought flowers were more thoughtful because it conveyed emotion more than an expensive gift. You just get a better response. Flowers equal thoughtfulness and intent If it is for a professional situation, there are also companies that mix fruit and flowers together. 

Also, it’s a lot of fun walking down the street with flowers. You get a great response since people always think you are giving it to someone which generates goodwill.

7) Send a Note with the Flowers

Here is your opportunity to be clever and thoughtful – without too many words. Combined with the floral bouquet – you can make an impact that is long-lasting.

Last but not least, we at Flower Power Daily want to share this story told to us by Debi Bush, who runs Expressions Unlimited in Greenville, South Carolina. “Men should consider having a florist send their wives monthly or weekly bouquets,” says Bush. “One gal was complaining that her husband is always working and away. But then her girlfriends said, ‘Honey, he sends you flowers every week. Give him a break.’ Flowers are the easiest way to say you care about someone and are thinking about them without needing words.”

Also in a world where nothing seems to last, thoughtful intent is so appreciated. It is why companies like Venus et Fleurs have prospered. Those flowers – which are treated – last a year and convey enduring love which is what most people wish for and seek.  However, we are fans of live lush flowers that create a burst of beauty for that one magical moment. Also, a weekly bouquet becomes something to look forward to as well.


Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD.

Photo Credit: Canva, Ovando Flowers