Wallpaper for the Smallest Rooms Or Hallways in Your House

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Floral Wallpaper Design

We think floral wallpaper can be used anywhere, but these patterns from Albany in England may be a little too aggressive for a dining room. So how about a powder room. Albany calls this pattern Ayana, a combination of hot jungle flowers on a mustard background. If the mustard seems a little too intense they also offer it in a black background, my preference, which seems to cool the temperature a bit, and lets the colors of the flowers come through a bit more.

Beautiful Floral Wallpaper Brown Background

Here is what it might look like on a wall, just to give you some idea of the scale of the print. This is not a shy violet of a wallpaper pattern. It might overwhelm a small room. Judicious placement, and excellent paperhanging will be required. Rolls are $34.30 a double roll, 32 feet, 11 inches, with a repeat 1 foot 8.9 inches, width 1 foot 8.9 inches. The company is WallpaperDirect, and samples are sent promptly, according to reviews.

Floral Wallpaper With Desk and Lamp

Now for something completely different: anaglyph wallpaper. You know what I’m talking about, right? Wallpaper that has a patterned, raised surface.

But not that tacky, jokey 3D stuff that geeks go for, the special-effects wall coverings that look like atomic particles, aliens or UFOs.

I’m talking about the beautiful, subtle look of a paintable anaglyph wallpaper like this one, called Albert Floral by Superglypta.

paintable anaglyph wallpaper Superglypta

The company refers to it as a “highly textured” and sturdy, a wallcovering suitable for a high-traffic area. And of course it could also serve as a faux tin ceiling. The rolls are a mere 1 foot 8.5 inches wide, and superior paperhanging and painting would be the order of the day. (The same wallpaper is also available in fleur de lis, which they charmingly call “Tudor Classic,” and is on sale for only $16.80 a double roll.)

Here’s what it looks like in a room. You can see that it would invite a gentle touch. (Just keep children from using crayons.)

Painted anaglyph wallpaper Superglypta

The one above, Albert Floral, is $31.20 for the double 32 foot 11.7 inch roll. (I’m sure that sounds better in meters.) The parent company is again Wallpaperdirect. — Linda Lee

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