Tulips Focus of U.S. Postal Stamps This Spring

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By Jill Brooke

Tulips will be the spotlight this spring as a U.S. Postal Service stamp, celebrating “Americans’ love for tulips.”

Dutch immigrants brought the first tulip bulbs to the U.S. hundreds of years ago and today Americans import “more than 1 billion bulbs per year.”

In previous years, stamps were of the orchid, which I thought were better more vibrant images. What do you think? They were inspired by a series by photographer Jim Fowler. 

These tulips are images by photographer Denise Ippolito.  Instead of crystal clear, there’s an airiness and lightness to these wispy tulips. Still lovely. Just different.

These stamps prove to be very popular, especially for wedding invitations and summer parties.

American gardens have often been an inspiration for stamps because the public loves them. Flowers make people smile and hope this made you smile too.