So far, there have been no serious selfie-stick injuries. No report of anyone being taken by ambulance to the Inland Valley Medical Center. A dog was bitten by a snake. Some people have slid down embankments and loosened rocks. No poppies have been killed, although many have been plucked (a lawyer could defend you on the grounds that Walker Canyon is not state land; it is a national Bureau of Land Management Ecological Reserve) and crushed under foot. The biggest problem seems to be taking a shot of the poppies without also taking a shot of the crowds.

Vibrant California Poppy Hillside

In coming weeks, people will begin heading toward other poppy super blooms, perhaps at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, which is also super blooming. Depending on elevation, rain and temperature, California poppies may super bloom until Mother’s Day.

Stephen Rawding drove out from Carlsbad, north of San Diego, to Borrego Springs, to take a picture of the multitude of wild flowers super blooming in the desert there. “It’s unreal,” Rawding said. “It’s just like they said — so beautiful.”

Just east of San Francisco, on Mount Diablo, a mountain that rises to nearly 4,000 feet, California poppies bloom along with globe lilies, bush lupines, blue skullcap and meadow rue well into May. North of San Francisco, poppies come on strong at North Table Mountain Reserve along with lupines and Sierra primrose through May. And wild poppies bloom alongside many of California’s highways.

California Orange Poppy Field

People, there is no need to rush. We hear the cacti are super blooming, too.

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