Wedding Etiquette – The Old Essential for Millennial Brides

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Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette

We know you have your notebook with you in bed at night, while you are planning your wedding. So download Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette e-book for $10.49, probably the cheapest thing you will ever buy for your wedding. And seriously, it’s been updated. People refer to it as their wedding Bible. You might not have to buy some gimmicky wedding planner. It’s all spelled out here. And it’s an e-book. You know, you can clip and paste.

You don’t have to tell your friends where you got the ideas.

Besides, it never hurts to know all the rules before you break them.

You may want to have baton twirlers precede you down the aisle.

You may want to invite people via singing telegrams.

And you are not the first couple to think of doing the reverse nae nae as part of your “first dance,” but some older folk may think you are having a spazz.

As we were saying. Learn the rules first. Then put your own spin on them.

Weddings don’t have to be white. (See our story on how Queen Victoria invented that one.) And there are a lot of choices of beautiful bouquets. You will be lucky of some of your guests look at our list of experiences as presents.

So when your mother starts to say “The correct way to do that…”

You can whine, “I know, Mom, I read Emily Post…” – Linda Lee

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