The Much Sought After Lush Spring Flowers from Zezé Florists

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Best Spring Bouquets - Zeze Flowers

Each week we showcase Best Bouquets – flower arrangements from the masters in their field. Hopefully, these spring flower selections will give you a burst of joy and a greater appreciation for nature and these florists’ vision and skill – Jill

Photo Credit: Zezé Flowers

Some artists are so recognizable that they can go by one name – Cher, Madonna, Sting.

Zezé is in that Pantheon.

With his signature mustache and Cheshire cat grin, he looks like Salvador Dali. And indeed, like the Spanish surrealist,  Zezé favors avant-garde dramatic arrangements that elicit surprise and intrigue.

Photo Credit: Zeze Flowers

Known for their exuberant use of colors and forms, Zezé’s arrangements are sought after when people are courting clients or friends or just want to have a moment of joy.

Opened 45 years ago, Zezé’s retail shop on First Avenue in midtown New York is a mecca for celebrities and corporate executives including Bette Midler and Michael Bloomberg. 

The Brazilian-born artist has a farm in Upstate New York where he grows his own lush flowers and two greenhouses that supply the shop with unusual specimen plants.  There are large garden beds of peonies, poppies, iris, lilies and more.

His style is old-world – the store doesn’t even have a website. His motto is find quality, make art and customers will find you. 

“You always know a Zezé arrangement,” says interior designer Alex Papachristidis, who is a client. “He finds colors in nature that make his arrangements special.”  

Photo Credit: Zezé Flowers

Zezé Flowers – 938 First Avenue, NYC – 212 -753 -7767

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