Mamie Brougitte’s Cakes Have A Sweet Romantic Floral Flair

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Artisan cakes with romantic flair are the signature of Mamie Brougitte’s fabulous cakes.

Marion Attal is the founder and primary baker for Mamie Brougitte – named after her French grandmother who taught her sumptuous culinary secrets. 

Amy Wowak is her partner and chef of the business side, as well as a baker.

Photo Credit: Pauline Rey

Both trained at the Brooklyn bakery One Girl Cookies with world-renowned cake artist Maggie Austin before venturing on their own. – Jill Brooke

How do you use flowers in your work and why?

We use flowers for visual and flavor inspiration. The colors, curves, complexity, fragrance and beauty are genius and always astound us.

We use both real and the flowers we create from sugar. The sugar flowers are a forever keepsake from your cake.

Where are you based and can people order from around the country?

We are based in the Berkshires and in Brooklyn Heights. We welcome cake orders from anywhere!

Have you had any unusual flower requests?

Nothing too unusual – people just always want as many flowers as possible.

What are the most popular flowers?

People tend to be mesmerized by David Austin roses and we couldn’t agree more.

What other occasions besides weddings do you create cakes for?

We make cakes for all occasions: birthdays, baby showers, book launches, you name it. 

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