Sarah Jessica Parker’s Floral Style-In Honor of Her Birthday

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On her 54th birthday, Sarah Jessica Parker has a lot to be grateful for – a family, a thriving career, playing a beloved character – Carrie in  “Sex and the City”-  production profits and credits as well as her own fashion line.

Sara Jessica Parker's Floral Style

We are giving her a symbolic calla lily since one of the meanings of the flower is beauty as well as a zest for life.

Sara Jessica Parker's Calla Lily

Although she is the consummate fashionista, Parker’s fashion-forward frocks in films and TV weren’t as coveted as her shoes. Manolo Blahniks were virtual characters in the show.

It was hard to find a floral themed Manolo since she wore such patterned clothes on “Sex and the City,” (1998–2004)  as well as the movies in 2008 and 2010 and even on her HBO series, “Divorce.”  However, this photograph by In Style magazine has a floral Manolo worth ogling.

Sarah Jessica Parker Floral Themed Manolo
Credit: In Style Magazine

We also found some lovely choices where she wore florals in more conventional ways.

Here is one from her newest show, “Divorce,” while she was on set.

Happy Birthday, Sarah Jessica Parker.  It’s always fun seeing what you are wearing and thinking.