Macy’s Flower Show Highlights

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Macy’s Flower Show resumed its 70th tradition with the theme of fortitude.

When the store closed, florists parachuted in overnight shifts to work until the wee hours of the morning when the department store’s doors opened up to customers.

The last show, which explored the theme of space, was in 2019.

This year’s theme is “Give.Love.Bloom,” and creative director Rick Pomer says it’s inspired by “the feeling of hope for a brighter year ahead.” You will see lots of butterflies in the floral arrangements, as well as landscaped gardens.

Aside from an array of gorgeous flowers, we love how Macy’s gives fashion students at F.I.T. – Fashion Institute of Technology – an opportunity to interpret flowers in designs. The winners then get this showcase.

Here are some highlights of the winners as well and their inspirations.

“Feathers inspired by the canary, a symbol of joy and freedom” “Juan Kwon – (We liked the floral daisy belt)

Vicky Zhang – “Like a butterfly, we are ready to spread our wings and take flight.”

“We are the petals of a flower, different sizes and shapes that all share a connection” Fatima Eroglu

“Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow, we too grow stronger.” Jonona Mukhtarova

“Bright colorful spring flowers play beautiful music of hope” Eunjung Lee

“The atmosphere of spring, beautiful and dreamy, makes people feel better” Yawen Chen

Lovely thoughts and inspirations and a fun activity  for those in New York City – Jill Brooke