Lenox Celebrates 130th Anniversary At The Tabletop Market

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Lenox is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year – which makes any company reflective. At the tabletop market earlier this month, Lenox highlighted its popular patterns across the decades. It’s Autumn collection, introduced 100 years ago, is still available today. While Country Garden, from 1940, would look lovely on a country luncheon table.

Lenox Celebrating 130th Anniversary, Autumn Collecttion 1910


Lenox Celebrating 130th Anniversary, Country Country Garden 1940

Also seen at the tabletop market is the new Kate Spade New York by Lenox collection, Spade Flower – inspired by the interlocking four spades, which make the graphic floral design shown on the dinnerware. 

Lennox Floral Tableware

How clever that the company is using the Spade print not only for fashion but for accessories such as handbags.

I believe that people should look at tabletop as a fashion accessory. It updates your table. As Valentino once said, a pretty table makes the food taste better.

Lenox Celebrating 130th Anniversary, Kate Spade New York by Lenox
Notice how the Spade/spades image is not only in the plates but etched into glasses and boldly carved into hot plates.

Kate Spade Etched Glass

Every season, I bring out new plates to embrace the time of the year. My family really appreciates the effort.

Although millennials are moving away from getting formal table settings, Lenox has been smart in reading the tea leaves. They offer opportunities to mix and match with existing patterns and adding new pieces to update.

Although Spade committed suicide last year, her spirit lives on. Creative director Nicola Glass has taken over the brand and unveiled playful new looks. British fashion photographer Tim Walker and W Magazine style director Sara Moonves created the new campaign.

Kate Spade Floral Designs


Kate Spade Black Floral Purse

I like the concept of showing how a symbol can be stretched and moved in many different directions. The outcome for both the plates and clothing is refreshing, modern and fun.  – Jill Brooke

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