How Prince Harry Connects to Princess Diana with This Flower

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By Jill Brooke

We’ve often said that connecting someone you love with a flower helps you remember them always.

As it turns out, Prince Harry connects to his mother through her favorite flower which was the Forget-Me-Not.

This week Meghan Markle and Harry went to a Preschool Learning Center and planted Forget-Me-Nots with the children. The gesture was to honor the 23rd anniversary of Princess Diana’s death this week.

“Harry is very proficient in the language of flowers,” said royals expert Diane Clehane. “From his heartbreaking message of love and sadness with the arrangement of mini white roses with atop Diana’s coffin at her funeral to his romantic gesture of picking flowers — including Forget-Me-Nots — for Meghan’s bridal bouquet from Diana’s garden at Kensington Palace, the prince obviously understands the powerful emotions flowers can convey.”

Clehane thinks this is a very positive touching gesture to have done with his wife Meghan.

“Besides their close association with Princess Diana, Forget-Me-Nots have played an important role in royal history,” adds Clehane. “They have long been a symbol of luck and protection and some believe they have the power to guard against witches. King Henry IV considered the flowers his lucky charm during his exile in 1398. He had their French name, “souvenez-vous de moi,” embroidered on the collars of his knights uniforms as a show of support. Later, when he returned to England, he wore them frequently as a boutonnière.”

Since the couple also likes to swim in symbolism, they also shared a photo of their newborn son Archie with a photo of his feet in front of the bloom. Furthermore, Harry’s African charity, Stentebale is named after the flower.

We at Flowerpowerdaily also appreciate how wherever you are, in whatever locale or country, you can connect to loved ones through flowers.

In fact, many people leaving England to come to the United States in revolutionary times brought seeds from their gardens to connect to other places and people.

Plus the flower’s name beckons memory which is so very sweet.

Photo Credits: Instagram, last photo Pixabay

Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD.