Marna Ringel’s Secrets To Healing Through Essential Oils

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After experiencing what she calls a “happiness high” in Utah, florist Marna Ringel was inspired to shift gears and develop a business in selling essential oils.

Essential Oils Healing Therapy

A well known florist based in Connecticut, Ringel attended McQueens Flower School in London and Gregor Lersch’s seminars in Germany. She has lectured in Garden Clubs all over Connecticut and worked at the New York Botanical Garden in the Home Gardening Center.

A Beautiful Pink and Yellow Floral Arrangement

In 2013 and 2014 she worked under Laura Dowling at the White House in the Obama administration and has won the People’s Choice Award from the St. Louis Art Museum for best traditional design in matching an arrangement to a work of art.

A Bouquet Of Fragrant Flowers

Interested in a new marketing program, she attended a Young Living seminar in Utah. “The essential oil Joy was diffused in an aroma-dome around me,” she recalls. “I was on a happiness high from the flower oil for a few hours and then I became a believer.”

Ringel believes that oils affect your emotions whether used topically, diffused in the air or taken internally. This is due to molecules that reach the limbic system of our brain, which manages emotions and olfaction, the sense of smell, among other things.

When asked to give some insights on how to use different Young America oils for a variety of ailments, Ringel’s said.

Sore muscles:  Use Pan Away oil – When  I ran the NYC Marathon,  I could not have survived without it.  Using it alleviated the discomfort. It also has wintergreen which has aspirin-like properties.  Stimulates quicker healing by induction of oxygen into the tissue site.

Stomach discomfort: Di-Gize oil. Rub on your stomach or take internally with tea.  Has tarragon, ginger, peppermint, juniper & fennel, which improves circulation.

Sleeplessness: Valerian Oil or Hypnotic oil. Rub it on your feet and diffuse it into the air. It has been treasured since medieval times. Valerian has been studied for its tranquilizing properties.

Fear: Valor Oil is one of Young Living’s most popular oils. It helps empower you so you stand tall during adversity. Try it for a public speaking engagement, running a marathon, a date, an appointment with a lawyer, seeing an ex-spouse, having a difficult conversation with someone. Put it on the bottom of your feet or on your wrists and over your heart. It relaxes you.

Mourning: Cypress oil. Diffuse it into the air or apply it to your hands, then directly inhale. 

Combating a Cold: Try orange essential oil for creating warmth. It is inexpensive and I believe brings peace and happiness to the mind and body. 

I’m going to add a word of common sense. Wash your hands after you use these oils. Getting oil into your eyes can hurt.

According to Ringel, “Oils are impacted, like everything else, by quality ingredients. The ancient Egyptians used precious oils for cosmetics and medicinal purposes. Then, only the rich and powerful had oils. Today drugstores and the internet make oils available to everyone.”

She prefers selling Young Living, because it has a “Seed to Seal” stamp.  Ringel these days makes fewer floral arrangements and spends more time selling Young Living essential oils. She says her research into the efficacy of oils will be a lifelong pursuit.

“There are French, British and German schools of aromatherapy,” she says. “There is so much to learn.”

After all, this is ancient wisdom worth mining for modern lives.