This Harry Potter 6-Sided Terrarium Is Too Cute for Words

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By Linda Lee

It’s as if you could have a fairyland right on a counter top. Granted, the Six-Sided H Potter hand-crafted glass terrarium is only a hair over a foot tall. But there’s a lot to love inside.

H Potter, by the way, was founded in Idaho the year before the first Harry Potter book came out, so put that idea out of your head. It’s true, however, that H Potter loves the term “Wardian” case, an English term for an early glazed container used to preserve plants on long ocean voyages in the 19th century.

I digress. This little cutie is $96.50 without the kit that includes things to put in it. Be inventive. Use a little moss, some tiny ferns or succulents. Don’t plant anything too big. Close it up, and it should be self-sustaining. If things get too rain-forest-y inside, there’s an adorable little vent that can be opened for some fresh air.

But be forewarned. H Potter sells bigger ones, and you will want one. Available from Amazon.