Giving Back-Some Flower Forward Ideas

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By Kristen Hayes, Superbloom founder

There are so many ways to lend your support this season to help use flowers & floral inspiration as a force for goodness. 

For GivingTuesday and throughout the holiday season, the Superbloom team is encouraging folks to consider donating to flower-inspired nonprofits and groups that bring goodness into the world. 

As part of our Holiday Gift Guide, we’re sharing ideas for donating to fantastic entities that are doing work in their communities and supporting women and girls. If you’re looking for a unique gift, consider making a donation to these groups – perhaps in the name of the gift recipient – or by purchasing from an organization that gives back. 

Included in our list are multiple groups that repurpose florals to help spread kindness and ease loneliness by delivering them to seniors, patients in care facilities, and hospice patients. Other organizations like Flowers for Dreams and Southside Blooms use flowers to advance justice, support local charities, and create jobs for at-risk youth.

If you’re looking to directly support women and girls, some ideas for donations include Access Reproductive Justice, Random Acts of Flowers Foundation, and Roses for Roe, which advance reproductive justice and Black/Brown/Indigenous maternal health, while Bloom Foundation and Super Bloom Ultimate provide social-emotional learning programs for girls and grow sports opportunities for women.

As Flowerpowerdaily often says, no act of kindness is ever wasted.

List of 13 Good Causes:

1 – Flowers for Dreams & its foundation in Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI: and Detroit, MI  

2 – Floral Philanthropy in Winnipeg, Manitoba

3 – Southside Blooms in Chicago, IL

4 – Random Acts of Flowers in Knoxville, TN; Tampa, FL; and Indianapolis, IN

5 – The Reflower Project in Boston, MA

6 – The Petal Connection in Roseville, CA

7 – BigHearted Blooms in Cleveland, OH

8 – Hope Blooms in Fargo, North Dakota

9 – Access Reproductive Justice in Oakland, CA

10 – saveArose Foundation in Bronx, NY

11 – Roses for Roe, benefiting Planned Parenthood SE

12 – Super Bloom Ultimate Team & its foundation in San Diego, CA

13 – Bloom Foundation in Irvine, CA