When Taylor Swift Sends Gigi Hadid Flowers, of Course They’re Glorious

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Oh gosh.

It must be fun to be a celebrity with friends who can afford bouquets from the best florists in the world.

Imagine price not being an issue and you just search for the best blooms on the planet – fresh and colorful and spectacular.

That’s why it’s fun checking out Gigi Hadid’s recent Instagram where she shared her 25th birthday celebration and the gifts she got from loved ones.

What a list of pals. But we were focusing on the luminous bouquets of flowers that she shared – and now we want to share them with you.

This above arrangement was from singer Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Kendall Jenner is also a friend of model Gigi Hadid. As a birthday gift, she sent these flowers.

Don’t you love the Gerbera daisy in bright orange and the soft pillow pink rose? We also like the red rose in Taylor Swift’s bouquet though a yellow rose usually represents friendship.  Look at both floral arrangements and tell us what you think. – Nancy Molina