Try These Summer Cocktails With Delicious Peony-Infused Vodka

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By Jill Brooke

Leslie Farhangi was practicing law in New York City but was looking for a change.

Twenty years ago, she and her husband John Tuke moved their three sons to Hudson Valley, New York and purchased a peony farm. Five years later, the equestrian decided to also board retired horses as well.

Life was good but she is inherently a practical girl.

“I wanted to do something else with all those flowers,” she says.

As we all know, peonies have a heavenly scent but only last for a few weeks in June.

Farhangi was wondering in reverie one day, wouldn’t it be nice to bottle that scent? And that’s how the idea of peony vodka was developed and her company Three Meadows & A Pony was launched.

Three Meadows And A Pony Vodka is made with organic wheat vodka and infused with the peony flowers – but also other botanicals. Her farm is also filled with meadows of blooms including chicory, Queen Anne’s lace and flocks.

She says her business was created to celebrate the pastoral tranquility and pleasures of the carefree country lifestyle. To embrace “simpler times” wherever you are.

Her packaging also refers to that feeling she is so grateful for as a result of having the courage to make a life change. In fact, it was written by her son Zack Tuke.

“Take a peek of the world where the hustle and bustle is of bumblebees, honks come from geese, that transforms rat race to a snail’s pace with the ease of opening a screen door. Take a peek of the world where all that matters, is that nothing matters.”

Of course, it was that hustle-bustle life that also enabled her to afford this new life which has given her idyllic pleasures.

But what she says is that people live life in chapters and it’s important to find ways to not only smell and taste the flowers but have those moments to have a nice drink and chill too. “You find the time for what is important,” she says.

What makes Three Meadows’ vodka special?

“Our whisper of flavor, created from peonies and other botanicals means our vodka tastes great on its own, yet can also be mixed with absolutely anything to create brilliant cocktails,” says Farhangi.

The bottle is also pretty enough to use as a vase.

For Floral Foodies, she offers several recipes to enjoy the vodka.

Here are some of her recipes- though our favorite is Blooming Meadows Recipe. We also like the idea of using jams as flavorings.

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