Flower Power Daily’s Fashion Winners at Golden Globes 2020

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By Jill Brooke

It was a tough toss-up between Laura Dern and Taylor Swift for who had the most gorgeous floral-inspired dress at the Golden Globes. Other favorites for our floral news were dresses worn by Kaitlyn Dever, Lisa Bonet, Lucy Boynton, Beanie Feldstein, Rooney Mara and Toni Colette.

Taylor Swift’s custom-made Etro dress was a bold, beautiful burst of yellow flowers on a blue background. Van Gogh would have swooned. It was happy and modern. A very full skirt made this a dress that one could only really wear it at a grand ball or awards ceremony. And it helps to have a svelte body like Taylor Swift who looks gorgeous in anything.

Laura Dern’s Saint Laurent dress was more subtle. A slinky flowing boho black dress was accented by lovely floral flourishes. There were some of us who wanted to give it to Laura Dern because she has been in bloom! Not only because she is in two hit movies – “Little Women” and “Marriage Story” – but because her fashions at all the promotional parties have been so elegant and fun- which we will show you later. This Saint Laurent dress is also one that any of us can wear for many occasions.

So then what would be the criteria?

We decided that it had to be what wowed and was most memorable. Therefore, Taylor Swift wins our first prize as the most dazzling floral dress of the Golden Globes. Laura Dern came in second and here are the others and why.

Kaitlyn Dever wore a magnificent Valentino dress that looked like a garden you want to spend time in. Although it had pinks in it, the black and white tones modernized the overall look. Plus, Valentino is a master designer and the quality of the embroidery invites you to stop and admire all the details of this dress.

Lisa Bonet just oozes cool. Here with her husband Jason Momoa, she looks lovely in a taupe creme dress with leafy accents.

Lucy Boynton‘s silver dress shows how flowers can be applied to anything and elevate the outcome. Us Magazine reported that this dress by Louis Vuitton took 220 hours to embroider.

We also loved Toni Colette’s dress with the blue and white flower appliques. The blue flowers around her waist were very slimming and the wider shoulder with the detailing was also an interesting touch.

Beanie Feldstein looked lovely in this black ensemble. The floral detailing to create the off-shoulder effect feminized the dress.

The one dress that didn’t impress was what Kirsten Durst wore. It looked like a prom dress or a bad bridesmaid dress from a 1940’s Southern wedding. It would have been nicer if the sheer top didn’t have that netting and maybe a short sleeve. The fabric was so pretty as well as the color that complements her skin. Perhaps that’s why she chose it. The design didn’t work. Do you agree?

An honorable mention goes to Rooney Mara’s Givenchy dress. We loved the style but felt that too much of her breasts are exposed and for most people, that is a bit much. However, floral detailing covered the important parts. Of course, we loved the floral wreath in her hair.


Last but not least, we always have a men’s fashion award. After all, floral shirts and floral tuxedo jackets have become the rage. The winner for Golden Globes 2020 is filmmaker David Furnish. He also styled it well with a white shirt and tie since the pattern was so bold – but so much fun. The detail of the flowers was so appealing. Not surprising he chose a floral designed jacket. His husband Elton John loves flowers.

Also, Scarlett Johansson gets a shout-out for the most interesting floral tattoo that my friend Norah Lawlor captured in this photo. It’s fun getting dressed up whether it’s an awards show like the Golden Globes or your own dinner party. Embrace florals in your clothing. It’s fun and happy.

Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD.