Floral Design Sensations at Emmys 2019

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By Jill Brooke

It was a garden of delights at the 2019 Emmy Awards where stars paraded down the carpet adorned in clothes created by the best fashion designers.

Since we look at the world through the prism of flowers, here were our editors’ selections of what we really loved and why.

It is such a visual treat to see the stars in these clothes that you know will spark trends for the rest of the year.

We can all be inspired by these designs and observe the trends and incorporate them into our own lives. Or just fantasize about having an opportunity to wear them. After all, fashion is living art. You can still enjoy it by looking at these incredible fashion designs.

Kendall Jenner dazzled in this Richard Quinn dress. What we loved is that it was sexy without showing a lot of skin. The turtleneck design used a shiny fabric which made the overall look edgy. The big pink bubble roses were magnificent since Quinn is known for using large floral motifs to great effect. The mermaid design was dreamy and this won our first prize as the most memorable floral dress of the evening.

Michelle Williams has been working with Louis Vuitton and this dress is from that fashion house. The beading and design were like a floral collage and the colors had great contrast. Nice touch by the stylist as well not to keep the jewelry really simple. Although this was a formal affair, it had a natural feel without dangling which is this actress’ signature. If she was festooned in diamonds, it would have been a different overall effect. Though it wouldn’t have hurt the overall outfit. Dangling diamond earrings would have picked up the design in the dress.

Lena Headley got panned by USA Today for this dress but we loved it. From the Brock Collection, it was dreamy and feminine. The “Game of Thrones” star chose a dress that can be worn for many occasions. We liked the versatility of this dress for many occasions as well as the color palette.

It’s not often that a spouse or date gets media attention for a dress at an awards event. Certainly, Elizabeth Hurley’s Versace dress, when she was with Hugh Grant, comes to mind. But Erica Schmidt’s dress had so much charm. The wife of Peter Dinklage – who won an Emmy – wore this bold statement pattern to support her husband. We liked the soft pink background color and the festive green flora.

RuPaul knows how to make an entrance. This pink suit with black flowers was what we call a true fashion statement. We don’t know how many people would find an opportunity to wear this but we appreciate the effort for creativity and fun.  He is flanked by Zendaya who also turned heads in this Vera Wang dress and later wore a flower inspired pink and black dress for partying. Zendaya is a fashion star on the rise.

Overall, it was a great night for fashion.

Photo Credits: Instagram


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