Floral Fashions Bloomed with Understated Elegance at Oscars

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By Jill Brooke and Nancy Molina

It there was one concept for floral fashions at the Oscars for 2020, it was understated elegance in most of the clothing choices.

Penelope Cruz wore a black flowing taffeta dress cut above the ankles at an angle which was very cool and feminine. But the detail that made the dress a winner was a big white rose at the neckline. Designed by Chanel, it was modern and fresh and she charmed in it. The white pearl belt was also a nice touch as well.

Lily Aldridge wore a white sheath accented by a cherry-red flirty rose. This dress designed by Ralph Lauren  – as well as Penelope Cruz’- showed how one small detail can convert a dress from being ordinary to extraordinary. And that signature detail was just one flower.

“Wonder Woman” Gal Godot looked sleek and elegant in her Givenchy dress with a tiered pale pink skirt and black floral lace top that has floral motifs strategically over her chest. It was complimented with her hair in a tight chignon.

Using black lace to great effect was also Emile Livingston’s dress that she wore to the Vanity Fair party. The wife of Jeff Goldblum turned a classic black dress into something so much more interesting with strategic cut-outs.

Beanie Feldstein looked lovely in a white gown embroidered with black flowers. Her dress was designed by Miu Miu and also had a nice neckline. We just wish Beanie didn’t look like such a meanie and perhaps would smile more. It’s a fun special night and you have a fab dress!

Since it is the Oscars, some actresses went for the dramatic. Sandra Oh opted for a peach chiffon dress designed by Ellie Saab. It had swirling circles of large paper-thin flowers and really worked. The neckline was also interesting and resonated with old-world glamour.

Great fashion is stretching the limits without marching over the line. It’s that tension between fashionable to overdone. This hit the right note.

Ryan Michelle Bathe’s dress was big and colorful. The design was interesting and the color fun with its lime and lemon-colored touches.  Designed by Fouad Sarkis, it is definitely a statement floral dress. Taylor Swift’s dress at the Golden Globes also used these colors as an accent to great effect – though her dress had blue as the background dominant color. Also, we at Flower Power Daily have a weak spot for anything colorful.

Natalie Portman made her Dior dress a conversation piece by embroidering her cape with all the names of the female directors that were snubbed at this year’s Oscars. Nice creative touch for sure. The dress didn’t expose body parts but instead injustices. The cape covered a sheath dress with burnt gold and ebony.

The show-stopping dress was  Joanne Tucker’s vintage Oscar de la Renta. The actress wife of Adam Driver looked stunning. We all just sighed with appreciation. The softly embroidered flowers on a white skirt was modern and oozed a Grace Kelly cool. Just so very special.

It reminded us when Elizabeth Hurley went to an awards show with Hugh Grant. Although her Versace dress showed a lot more skin – it was held together by safety pins – it made a fashion statement. It was a dress that made fashion seem fun. That’s the feeling you also get from Joanne Tucker’s dress.

Another shout-out goes to Vanessa Nadal for her gown that had a gladiator touch with silver embossed flowers. The wife of Lin-Miranda Manuel looked so elegant and refined in her white creamy dress that also had a very interesting fabric draping at the top. The dress, designed by Alexander McQueen, was both unique and lovely.

This was also a winner tonight in our round-up.

All of us at Flower Power Daily really did appreciate seeing designs that were beautifully crafted but also not too revealing. We always want to leave something to the imagination, don’t we? At least we do.

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