Expanding Flower Arrangements with a Few Faux Fab Flowers

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I’m a big fan of faux flowers.  Technology has created many nifty improvements over the years and finally, the faux flowers are made in such a way to be worthy of mixing with regular blooms.

Don’t get me wrong. They are not a substitute. If you put only faux flowers in a vase, it will look awful. Turns out that a study showed how bees can sense authenticity in a flower arrangement and so can the eye. However, what was really interesting about this study was that as long as the eye could find some authentic blooms, it triggered a response in the brain that it was an overall pleasing experience.

Because as we’ve written, the science of flowers creates simultaneously calm and a frisson of excitement.

Therefore, the secret as I explain in this video is to mix faux flowers with authentic ones.  Once a month, I am going to continue this feature to show you all the possibilities.

In fact, sometimes certain flowers die before others – like roses or calla lilies – vs. the carnation or alstroemeria so by having a collection of faux flowers, you can supplement and extend a flower arrangement by using them.

After all, we don’t want just one arrangement in the house. Everywhere I look, I want to see flowers. Because the more flowers you see, the happier you will be.

Enjoy and look forward to sharing my love of flowers with you.



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