Dogs Are Crown Jewels at Heavenly Halos

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By Jill Brooke

Since the White House will have its first rescue dog this week in a wag to riches tale, we thought we’d highlight the work of Heavenly Halos.

Personal trainer Lisa Salinas, who lives in Texas, started the company as a hobby after creating floral crowns for her beloved dachshund Pete.

She and her husband were taking a nature walk and stumbled upon some flowers and sticks. Thinking to herself, “wouldn’t it be great to make Pete a floral crown?” she then went to the crafts store Michaels and started experimenting with making different types of floral crowns. 

Then she posted the picture of Pete on Instagram. Soon, orders started to come in and luckily it’s taking off since Covid sidelined her gym work.

For around $25, she will create floral crowns for your dog that are both beautiful and festive fun.

Salinas has been loving and owning Dachshunds for her whole life – but can customize the crowns for any type of animal.  Clients just send in the diameter of the dog’s head and select different types of faux flowers they may want.

“My goal is just to try and continue spreading happiness and joy with my unique and colorful crowns,” she says. “Flowers and colors can make even the darkest day a little bit brighter.”

For your own DIY – here are her tips.

1) The easiest faux flowers to work with are less than 2 inches.

2) Feel the faux flowers and choose ones that have a softer feel to them like silk or cloth.

3) Measure wire correctly and leave a little room while working.

Of course, she says she would love to create one for the Biden’s rescue dog Major, a German Shepard rescue, or dreams one day of creating something for “Oprah” or even “Martha Stewart.” 

“I think dogs actually enjoy having the crowns placed on their heads,” she says. “Dogs love pleasing people. And they like the attention 

Plus, she adds, “Flowers make people happy and flowers look good on dogs.” 

To reach Lisa to create a custom dog crown, contact her at @heavenlyhalos33

Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD.