Dine at Famous Flower Farms in U.S. This Season

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By Jill Brooke

Photo Credit: Misty Ranae Photography

Want to have an incredible flower farm experience?

Well, the popular Field to Vase Farm Tour locations has been announced for 2023.

To be enveloped with heady scents of fresh flowers and get a true peek into farm life is truly memorable. Included in these trips are a farm tour reception, dinner, flower bar, take-away bouquets and of course locally sourced food and drinks. There’s also inevitably live music to groove to the moment.

So here are the dates and check it out since we at flowerpowerdaily love sharing memorable experiences.  And it could be one for your highlight reel.

Created by Certified American Grown Flowers, these events provide a floral experience while meeting the award-winning farmers.

“These provide a greater understanding of why fresh American Grown Flowers and Foliage in the home – and on the table – are important to health, well-being, local economies and good conversation,” says CEO & Ambassador for Certified American Grown Flowers.

Certified American Grown Flowers is a collective group of U.S. flower farmers who have devoted themselves to elevating awareness and appreciation for flowers grown in the USA. They have also lobbied Congress to have a bill so that American grown flowers are at federal events. As part of their mission to share their love of American-grown flowers, they have launched these field-to-vase dinner series.

These special destination dinners sell out quickly. For more about participating farms, floral designers, and chefs – as well as to purchase tickets, please visit americangrownflowers.com/fieldtovas

Photo Credit: Star Trax Events