Deets on Carolyne Roehm’s Charming New 3 Volume Book Set

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By Jill Brooke

The Grand Duchess of Flowers, my friend and mentor Carolyne Roehm, has just introduced a three-volume gift book on her life passions – Flowers & Gardens, Feminine Touch and Furry Friends. Each is only 80 pages and filled as you would expect with the most gorge images and insightful observations. 

As someone who always reads the fragrant jasmine tea leaves of cultural life, Roehm’s three books aren’t the oversized sumptuous extravaganzas we all have resting on our coffee tables, such as “Flowers,” “Design and Style,” “At Home in the Garden.”  Instead, these are bite-size bon mots encased in the flawlessly beautiful and inspiring imagery that we’ve come to expect that could be sitting by our beds as we contemplate life and loves.

Her cherry-picked quotes from Aristotle to William Kent reflect her journey as someone who has experienced the ups and downs of life and shown not only resilience but grace.

“And it’s also an opportunity to write about my beloved doggies,” she says.  “It’s a small volume of three books in a box that showcases topics that are near and dear to me – furry friends…my dogs, flowers and gardens and feminine touch.  My departure from a coffee-table book size grew from necessity, as the photography in these books is mostly snapshots from my personal photos. In that respect, it’s a more intimate look at the things I love, seen through my personal point-of-view. ”

As the daughter of teachers, Roehm is not only a style icon but enjoys her role as a teacher to her millions of devoted fans. To know Carolyne is to see someone dig deep into design with her signature hard work ethic and research skills and I’m always in awe of her ability to focus and find new insights on flowers and life.

“These books,” she adds, “are a love letter to the things that have brightened my days, warmed my heart and kept me going.”

In fact, go to – and you can also see her lily-of-the-valley plate collection she also created that are both affordable and beautiful. Of course, that is her favorite flower as well as her flower of her May, when she was born. The former fashion designer is an advocate of dressing the table so it looks both inviting and delectable. As she always says, beauty should be accessible and enjoyed by everyone. These are great holiday or gift ideas.

Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD and floral editor for aspire design and home magazine and contributor to Florists Review magazine.