5 Tips That Score Winning Super Bowl Flower Arrangements

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By Jill Brooke

Ava’s Flowers

With the big Super Bowl game coming up,  here are FIVE  fun party decor ideas that you can tackle to bring out the team spirit.

After all, flowers always add color and fun to any event and are much less fattening than chips and dip. And even though this year, it may be just your family, it doesn’t mean you as the architect of family memories can’t still make a fun arrangement. So many have fun ideas to think about. 

Decorate With the Team’s Colors 

Who are you rooting for? Does your crowd have a team favorite? Or are there going to be guests supporting different teams? These are all things to consider for your arrangement. 

Luckily for Super Bowl 2021,  you won’t have trouble figuring out what colors to choose for your floral arrangements. In fact, you can actually make everyone happy because this year both teams have the same colors.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ team colors are red and gold while the San Francisco 49ers are scarlet and gold. Hooray!

Therefore one has many flowers to choose from to make arrangements for either team.

Your red and scarlet flower choices can include roses, carnations, crimson tulips, anemones and many more options.

Momos Flowers and More in Albany, California are leaning towards the red butterfly ranunculus.

Why? “Because they start off a vibrant red and slowly turn gold on the edges of the petals,” says Momoko Cambell. “We think the gold will go well with the Super Bowl trophy at the end of the day!”

For gold, many florists are substituting yellow toned flowers such as calla lilies, carnations, roses,  ranunculus, and stephanotis. 

Another option is to take leaves or branches and spray paint them gold to add to the floral arrangement for extra pizazz. Plus that’s a fun task to do with kids. 

Find Logos or Banners of the Teams to Add to Arrangement


The Flower Mill in Wamego, Kansas creatively put both a football and a banner in their arrangement turning it into a festive conversation piece. We love how they used yellow chrysanthemums and snapdragons along with red carnations and lots of greenery.

Over at  Teefey Flowers & Gifts in Kansas City, Missouri, Myrna Shepard says pennants help identify the theme of a party.  “We got cases of these small pennants and we can stick them in any arrangement,” she says. In fact, at the local hospital where the shop supplies flowers, fans bought these arrangements for friends and family to cheer them up as well as cheer for the hometown team. 

This addition is particularly helpful if there were other teams playing who had more difficult colors to match for an arrangement. 

Another option is to use other football memorabilia. I’ve taken a football jersey and put it on the table and then put one big vase on it – and bookended with little footballs. Or even trophies that your hubby still keeps from college. Cute right?

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it’s easy to find red flowers to make an easy bouquet. Here a florist just used a plant and then got team memorabilia. Again, it’s always about the desire for fun and adding a dash of enthusiasm to elevate any event.

Find a Football Themed Vase


All over Amazon and elsewhere, there are many football-themed vases that you can purchase at little cost. Plus the added benefit is that you can use the vases year after year – and even for those parties that aren’t tied to the Super Bowl. 

I have used mine for when friends come over after my son’s sports activities for a Sunday night chili party.  Definitely a worthwhile investment. And cheaper than a beer since some of them are less than $10. 

Get Creative and Make Your Own Vase with a Football

It’s easy to do and fun to share that you made it. In fact, this is something you can get the kids to help you with for a Saturday project before the game. You can either just use an old football and put flowers in it or stick a jar in it. 

Here’s what you need:

An old football – a  Sharpy pen –Scissors –Mason Jar or Vase

It’s really simple.

Take your Sharpy pen and make an outline 2 to 3 inches from the pointed bottom of the football.

Plunge a scissor into the line so you can cut the bottom part of the football around 2 to 3 inches so it’s not as narrow and the mason jar can fit inside easily.

Inside the football will likely be a balloon. Take it out.

Now put the vase or mason jar into the hollowed out football and cut away any excess. Voila. 

Score extra points by sharing some of the histories of the flowers

For any sports event party, I always make sure to have gladiolus and hyacinth in the decor. Why? Because in the language of flowers, these two flowers symbolize athletic achievement. Plus, it gives me something to share when I can’t offer football stats.

The bell-shaped hyacinth’s symbolism is derived from Apollo, the sun god who was teaching a Greek boy to throw a discus. It didn’t end well but the flower scored being associated with sports.

In Rome, gladiolus was associated with gladiators, the great athletes and warriors. In fact, legend has it that the gladiators wore floral crowns to them win in battle and protect them. Therefore, the flower meaning of gladiolus is strength and courage. Plus the spear-like quality of the flower has an athletic visual as well.

Meanwhile, Momos Flowers and More even has an arrangement to calm the nerves of fans who may be upset if their team doesn’t win. Steeped in ikebana, this Japanese themed arrangement made with pine, chrysanthemums, orchids and kale is designed to give perspective. There’s always another day to play and succeed.

Now, you have all the ingredients to have a  great Super Bowl party. Even if your favorite team doesn’t win, you’ll be a winner for making this effort.  

Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD.

Photo Credits: Ava’s Flowers, Momos Flowers & More, Flower School Boston, Teefey Flowers & Gifts, Wellington Flowers, Madison Workshop, TCC Events

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