“United By Flowers” Theme of 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show

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By Jill Brooke

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society unveiled the theme of the 2024 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show: United by Flowers. The 195th PHS Philadelphia Flower Show will be held March 2 – 10, 2024 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

United by Flowers celebrates the colorful community that comes together to share in their love of gardening, flowers, and plants, and the impact they make on our lives all year round.

The theme, organizers say, emphasizes the unity that blooms each Spring at the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show – a moment when hundreds of thousands from the region, nation, and the world come together to experience the transformative power, stunning beauty, and joyfulness of gardening.

 “In a world where loneliness has become an epidemic, the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show brings people together to connect over their shared love of gardening and floral beauty. It is a place where magic happens, and where people from all walks of life come together as one. This growing community represents the essence of United by Flowers,” said Seth Pearsoll, Vice president and Creative Director of PHS.  

Some highlights also include an opportunity for you, flower lovers, to participate in their houseplant and indoor plant competition. This also allows visitors to learn more about and discover amazing and impressive plants. Interested competitors can learn more HERE. 

This year’s United by Flowers theme honors this flower-filled world and all the unique people at the heart of the Flower Show—from trendsetting professional designers to amateur competitors who have been submitting plants for blue ribbons for decades, from fashionistas in floral attire looking for the ultimate selfie, to generations of families and crowds of friends who make it an annual tradition that ushers in the Spring season. 

Now in its 195th year, the award-winning PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is a world-renowned gardening event and PHS’s main fundraiser, known for its stunning visual displays, world-class plant competitions, family activities, artisanal crafts, educational offerings, and curated shopping. 

Jennifer Reed

Among the floral designers returning is Jennifer Reed of Jennifer Design Events who created the concept of the “Cerebral Garden” for the Philadelphia Flower Show. Last year’s theme was “Garden Electric” which was one of the best ever, which you can see here. This show is the source for many gardening trends each year as well as a joy to visit for the beautiful lush flowers.

Schaffer Designs

In a historic milestone, 2024 marks Schaffer Designs as the first-ever Legacy Exhibitor at the Philadelphia Flower Show, a testament to their continued dedication and innovation. Schaffer Designs, under the visionary leadership of Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt, represents a dynamic collective of U.S. and international floral designers. In terms of awards, they are considered the Taylor Swift of floral design. What will they do for this year?

“In an era where global warming is reshaping our planet and creating new microclimates, our exhibit encapsulates the evolving beauty of nature,” says Bill Schaffer. “While our wettest environments transition to drier climates and our most arid regions seek moisture, we have envisioned two mirrored worlds of design – one flourishing in a world of water, and the other thriving in a land of sand.”
Anticipation from the team of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) is also high since they too create floral marvels each year.
It’s all about connections. What brings us together is a perfect theme for 2024.

So get your tickets now and mark your calendars! To purchase tickets please visit tickets.phsonline.org.

Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD and a contributor to Florists Review magazine.