Garden Trellises – You Know You Need One, Maybe Two

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The answer to everything below is: Get a trellis! Or get two.

You could not resist buying that Eden climbing rose. Or the clematis that you are sure would climb the lamp post. Now what?

There’s a blank wall on your patio that has always annoyed you. You’ve looked at it year after year. It gets great light. Something should be growing there.

You are annoyed that the neighbor’s ugly basketball hoop across the street is visible over your garden fence. The constant boinggggg is bad enough, but you hate the sight of it even when they are not playing. Did they have to paint the backboard the team colors – bright orange?

Just in time H. Potter of Rathdrum, Idaho, has these heavy iron trellises on offer. Wait, don’t get upset at the words “heavy” and “iron.” They offer free shipping.

So let’s get down to it. Yes, you can get crafty, and make a trellis out of willow wands. Or get out some lathes and make a nice latticework. Or buy lattice fencing and paint it.

But against a brick, stucco or wooden wall, wouldn’t an iron trellis make the patio look, well, awfully nice? Kind of Spanish, and romantic? It’s a trend, or so they say.

This single one is $189, and the Potter folk offer careful instructions about fastening it to the wall. Even about eye protection when drilling into brick.

As for out in the garden. H. Potter’s two-panel trellis, 76 inches (over six feet) high, above, will do just the trick for blocking out unsightly views, offering privacy, standing up to almost any heavy, climbing¬† plant (well, they have not mentioned wisteria), and is such a beautiful item you almost don’t want the roses to grow too dense.

It weighs 42 pounds, so make sure the delivery men or women are prepared to come two at a time. And have a friend help you set it up. Because it is hinged, and the bottom spikes are eight inches long, this baby is staying put.

– Linda Lee

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