The Purple Flower Passions of Photographer Debi Shapiro

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Part of the fun of running Flower Power Daily is being able to share the epic talents I gather from around the world. And what a delight to discover Debi Shapiro

Debi’s “love affair” with flowers started at an early age after studying fabric design and photography at Syracuse University. Inspired by the 17th century floral still life paintings of the Dutch Masters, and the oversized flowers of Georgia O’Keefe, she now spends her days immersed in the detail and delights of flowers.

I also knew we were kindred spirits because she pairs her photographs with inspiring quotes.

It is such a pleasure to share her work with you and we so hope you will contact her for her photography. I also plan to be sharing her work with many photography judges and competitions because after viewing these floral images, I can say with confidence that her work is singular. show-stopping jaw-dropping gorgeous and worthy of both awards and public enjoyment. There is both a delicacy and a strength to her images. 

Maybe it speaks to one of my favorite quotes I always say. “Even when stomped and trampled on, flowers grow, trusting their inner beauty and resilience.” Because we can be both fragile and fortified. Her images are ethereal but detailed and show the complexity as well as the beauty of nature.

Am focusing on her purple images in this post-because we included some images as part of our “Purple Peace Bouquets” project which is designed to restore relationships through flowers and have affections and love rebloom.

Enjoy her work – Jill

Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author who created Flower Power Daily to bring people joy and positive news through flowers.