Netflix’s ‘The Big Flower Fight’ Is Here

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by Rozalia Jovanovic

big flower fight netflix

Finally, it has arrived: a competitive show about floral design.

The Big Flower Fight,” which is now on Netflix, kicks off with 10 teams of contestants who are amateur floral designers. Some are florists and gardeners, while others are hairdressers and carpenters.

Each episode sees the duos tasked with creating a ginormous floral installation of insects, couture gowns and beasts from plants, flowers, grasses, and unorthodox materials like scrap metal and chicken wire. And as with other shows of this ilk, one team will be eliminated at the end of each episode. Each week, the challenges become more difficult testing new skills each time.

It sounds mad, it is mad,” Natasia Demetriou, co-host of the show with Vic Reeves, told BBC. “You have to watch it because it’s sort of to do with gardening and it’s definitely to do with flowers…. But it’s not really anything like any human has ever done before.”

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The show is filmed in the countryside of Kent, appropriately referred to as the Garden of England. While the setting is quintessentially British, and there are obvious similarities to the Great British Baking Show, Demetriou says that this show is not just a British show. The contestants hail from all corners of the world, and the show will be in every country that has Netflix.

“It’s very comforting television,” says Demetriou. “It’s lovely, mindful and peaceful. There is a competitive element, but there’s a lot of love.”

Gardening, standout installations, and love? We’re there.

Photo credits: All images courtesy of Netflix