Magda Indigo’s Flower Portraits Mix Intrigue and Beauty

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Magda Indigo shoots flowers the way Annie Leibovitz shoots rock stars for the cover of Rolling Stone. They may never look this good again. The four ranunculi look like they are painted on black velvet. An array of white lilies are at their peak of perfection.

Magda Indigo's Flower Portraits

Magda Indigo Lillies

Her husband, Paul, is also a photographer and therefore understands the passion involved. Because she says: “Sometimes a flower reaches the perfect moment during the middle of the night. I know it’s going to happen so I wake up and at 3 am go to the studio to photograph it.”

Magda Indigo Orange Ranunculus

Magda was born in Belgium, into an artistic family. She and her husband live in the UK. She has a rabid following on Instagram, on her web site and on Flickr. An MGM hotel in Macau includes her Botanical portraits in what it calls the Spectacle. For anyone who remembers the giant Kodak photos that once stood at one end of Grand Central Station, imagine seeing that, in the dark, times 100, in the round.

Magda Indigo Nigella Known As Love-In-A-Mist

Many photographers have stared into a macro lens and revealed a hidden world in a flower. Magda Indigo has done something different.

She may have looked through a camera lens and, thanks to dramatic lighting, patience, time of day and soul, revealed a flower’s personality. Here are some of her other flower portraits:

Magda Indigo Red Rose Magda Indigo White Pink Tulips Magda Indigo Self PortraitMagda Indigo White And Pink Roses

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