Lawrence Leaf’s Fall Gardening Tips: 3 Best Flower to Plant

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By Lawrence Leaf

Who does not love spring bursting in an array of colors that spring flower bulbs deliver? After the duel days of winter leafless somber end, to see this is uplifting to every positive emotion a human can ever have. Flowers inspire romance, hope, and physical well-being like nothing else in this wonderful world. People will spend hard-earned good money to gain this moment that at times only lasts a week in a year depending on the spring bulbs you choose. Knowing how to manage your fall planting of spring flowering bulbs becomes a wise focus on maintaining this short period of enchanted euphoria.

Saving money by growing your own spring flowering bulb is better than funds paying for the nursery industry’s labor and time is a great place to start.  As autumn is the correct time to plant spring flower bulbs you need to select and understand the bulb of choice.

Tulips are one of the most popular with songs like Tip Toe Through The Tulips and When You Wore Tulips to name a few, gaining this flower bulb much more popularity than more reasonable to grow spring bulbs. As a matter of fact, in my experience, it may be best to plant tulips alone with no shrubs or plants in this area since tulips tend to turn each year and it is best to go in and remove after flowering. Then place them in a dry area and replant them correctly again in the fall. After turning, tulips tend to not bloom or have a weak bloom and a tulip with just leaves is not very attractive. Some believe that you should divide every 3 to 4 years, however, I find that there is a decline even in one year and nothing beats a freshly planted tulip bed year after year. For spring to fall color in these beds you can always plant annuals.

Hyacinths are perennials, so you can plant them once and they’ll come back with their wonderful scent each and every year. Most hyacinths need a chill to bloom, and they do best in areas where winter temperatures are consistently in the 30s. In my opinion, nothing beats a Hyacinth’s look or scent. They are in bloom or showing color for 2 to 3 weeks, which is a little longer than many spring flowering blooms.

Daffodil or Narcissus is a perennial plant of the Amaryllis family that symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. It’s one of the flowers to bloom at the end of winter, announcing the beginning of spring and signifying the end of cold, dark days. They generally like at least 6 hours of bright sunlight, however, will be green and produce some flowers in part sun only a little less robust. Daffodils are poisonous to dogs, so you do need to keep them away from pets. In a deer prone area, it is good to know that Daffodils are the king of deer–resistant bulbs. Daffodils or Narcissus do show color or bloom for 2 to 4 weeks, so they do have more color value than most spring flowering bulbs. Daffodils also may multiply and produce more bulbs , however not to an invasive status.

I just gave you three of the most common spring flowering  bulb selections to be planted in the fall. There are others such as Crocus and Snowdrops to name a few. It is best to remember that all spring flowering bulbs that are planted in the fall need the winter chill to flower. The best time to plant them is late September, October and November. I hope this helps you become a lover of the first embrace of spring magic appearing out of winter’s dormancy.

Photo Credit: Pixabay