Jessica Chastain Wears Most Gorge Floral Dress Ever

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By Jill Brooke

When it comes to extraordinary floral-themed dresses, the brand Oscar de la Renta is in the pantheon of greats.

At the 2nd Annual Academy Museum Gala, their floral chiffon dress was worn by the luminous Jessica Chastain, sparking demand for the dress as well as an avalanche of praise.

How gorgeous is this dress? I’ve been covering fashion for decades and want to bookmark this ensemble for the time in years to come when my son eventually marries. This charming dress would be ideal for a mother-of-the-bride or even as a bridesmaid dress since florals are becoming more popular. I can also see this dress as a shout-out to life is full of possibility and a go-to for any garden party, anniversary party or birthday celebration. Some dresses are keepers.

Because after all, you can buy at Zara and T.J.Maxx and even at second-hand stores – as I do – but formal party attire requires an investment. You buy it and wear it for years. It usually is far more expensive than the average purchase so it can’t be a spontaneous purchase.

Now I realize Oscar de la Renta is beyond most people’s budgets. This is a dream purchase for a flower lover in a certain economic zip code. But what I also know is that because of the style of this dress – with its delicate elegant cape – and flowing skirt – there will be other manufacturers that will be inspired and make designs at all price points.

For example, remember when Taylor Swift wore this short floral embroidered dress by Oscar de la Renta to the Grammy’s? People swooned and it became the next big thing with so many celebrities wearing it and soon a variety of similar designs in the market.

Aside from Jessica Chastain’s dreamy ensemble, other winners were as follows.

Lily Collins rocked this Christian Dior skirt with two different floral designs in brown and garnet. Shows how flowers aren’t only for summer but autumn and winter as well.

Jodie Turner-Smith also attracted attention for her green silk gown with floral embellishments. The dress also charmed with fluffy feathery cuffs. However, unlike the Oscar de la Renta ensemble, Turner-Smith’s dress may only appeal to a few and is unlikely to become a design classic like the floral garden party dress. Chastain not only has a gift of acting but also chooses beautiful floral dresses as she also did at the 2022 Oscars.

Can’t wait to see what she wears at the Oscars of 2023.

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