Inspired by Adele, Flowers Representing All Beautiful Body Types

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By Jill Brooke

For our Floral Style section,  we want to focus on Adele and transformations.

In the circle of life – as expressed by these gorgeous flowers – Adele presented herself in a thinner version for her 32nd birthday.

The attention her thinner self has gotten speaks to a larger issue. We have to find beauty in whatever we are. Surely an Oscar, 15 Grammys and sold-out tours should be enough to be defined as a success by any measurement.

Flowers are beautiful when they are big and bouncy as garden roses or as thin as a purple iris standing proud.

Beauty is not narrowly defined but expansive. You can find beauty tucked in a floral shirt, a fabulous shoe or a piece of jewelry or in any body type.

Adele is thinner for her 32nd birthday and we applaud anything she does. Don’t you think we shouldn’t care what weight someone is? We also love her whatever weight she is because her talent transcends and makes so many very happy.

So this got us thinking.

Like any parent—or wise one—tells their child, you need to have a good comeback when outside forces try to diminish you.

So if someone focuses on weight with some snide remark, here are some comebacks to use to keep it positive:

1. You’re Too Thin: Yup, like a beautiful iris standing tall and proud

2. You’re Too Chubby: Yup, like a hydrangea or fluffy peony full of depth and dozens of interesting petals

3. Your Skin is Drooping: Like willow tree’s offering of shelter

4. Your Thighs Could Be Thinner: Yup, They are like tree trunks where leaves and flowers can bloom

All around us, there is an artificial sense of perfection of what beauty should be which is unrealistic and unfair, especially to women. As Saki wrote, beauty is only “sin” deep. Look at nature at what it teaches. Go to any greenhouse, botanical garden or flower shop. You don’t see one flower but an array of options, each one beautiful in its own way. Whether it’s a pansy or lush tulip, cornflowers or carnations, each adds something to the bouquet. It also makes life interesting. No flower compares itself to another. They are happy being who they are.


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