Harriet Parry Taps Into Ethereal Interpretations of Art

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By Jill Brooke

Human hands mixing with Mother Nature provides both solace and beauty.

During the past year, you have told me how much you like Flowerpowerdaily’sArt in Bloom” and “Bouquet to Art” series from around the country which shows how floral artists interpret paintings in museums.

Here is a similar concept from Florists Reviews’ sister magazine Flora Magazine UK (where I also will contribute) with Harriet Parry Flowers and her floral series called Floral Interpretations. Parry’s interpretations often have an ethereal sensibility that invites both wonder and contemplation. Plus in her talented hands, the work oozes both beauty and charm.

Of course, she also does beautiful floral arrangements for clients too.

Sometimes we need to see beauty in our lives from unexpected places as well as the familiar. Which one is your favorite and speaks to you? I like the first one because it has this vibe of looking back in a cool way.