Winners of FAB Halloween Flower Arrangement Contest

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By Jill Brooke

Wanting to provide educational opportunities to floral enthusiasts and artists, a group called “Floral Artist of the Bay Area” (FAB) created a Halloween contest.

Here are some of the entries that participated in the event.

“The idea was originally inspired by Greg Lum, an AIFD member,”  said Beth Covey-Snedegar who is the chapter’s president. “We pulled it off in less than a month. Halloween is a great theme for an event like this.”

Partners for this event include California State Floral Association, North West Chapter of AIFD, and sponsors are California Flower Shippers, Mt. Eden Floral and Sassy Diva Designs and Events.

It is clear that some of the artists were influenced by ikebana, the ancient art that encourages arrangements to have blooms that represent beginnings, present and future, a full life span as well as embracing the elements of nature. This type of design also proves that less can be more.

Here a batch of the contestants’ works.

Beauty is always burdened by subjectivity but there are some clear-cut winners that stand out from others. But all efforts are worthwhile activities.

Since we are all at home much more, creating decor themes around holiday themes makes life both sweeter and the time to go quicker.

Look at them and we will give you the winners. FAB only chose three winners. Flower Power Daily judges chose five.


1) Barbara Lea Romanowski –

This one won FIRST PRIZE both with the California judges and with us. Not only did she use few blooms with just a protea and vine so effectively but the draping of the cloth created eerily clever intrigue.

2) Laura Wilson from Flaura Botanica

This was our third-place winner. Loved how she used that lavender protea and pink roses and matched them with dark foliage to become a more moody design.

3) Emil Yanos

This came in second place from Flower Power Daily’s judges. We loved the intricate elements here and the use of a rope along with orange marigolds. Plus, as you will see later, taken from above, there is a spider web in this design that is subtle but sublime. Loved this.

4) Garrett Skupinski

This was amusing to our judges but didn’t place. But FAB gave it their THIRD PRIZE win. It was a novel way to approach the contest by making something wearable.

5) Munnkyyung Jung

6) Conie Oakson

This came in fourth place with Flower Power Daily judges because it was a classic design using abundance. The anthurium and grasses swept over the vase in a lovely welcoming way but also conveyed the spirit of the holiday with a hint of menace.

7) Judy Onton

8) Kristell Mazzuco

9) I Li Hsiao

10) Keith Stanley

11) Gina Wright

12). Hiromi Nomura

This was our fifth place win. So inventive and fun – and used a few blooms as well. The hanging crimson vines were so beautifully placed with great skill.

13) Emil Yanos

The view from above we mentioned before. So cool, right?

14) Poppie Rodriguez

This got an honorable mention and almost was fifth place.

15). Sidney Heffner

This won SECOND PRIZE by FAB judges.


16) Sheyda Lalezarzedah

17) Becky. Bridger

18) Nona Tai

19) Judith Onton

This amazing arrangement would have been a big winner for our judges. The calla lilies look like candy corn candies. It’s pretty enough to be a painting. But it didn’t evoke the theme of Halloween to some of the judges. But it certainly shows immense talent from the floral artist. In fact, all these artists created floral arrangements that bring joy – which is the purpose of flowers.



Jill Brooke is a former CNN correspondent, Post columnist and editor-in-chief of Avenue and Travel Savvy magazine. She is an author and the editorial director of FPD.